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There is no doubt that HubSpot’s marketing hub has some great tools for audience outreach. Still, when you combine those tools with more power, more content, and more flexibility, you will ultimately see more engagement with your audience. For example, HubSpot’s newsletter builder creates beautiful, engaging emails that can be sent to your targeted contact lists, but there are limits to that personalization. That’s where comes in.

The software uses artificial intelligence (AI) automation to help you start making connections with each individual on your subscriber list, providing them with unique content tailored to their interests. With, you can segment to the individual and customize their journey.

Because is an engagement-boosting marketing tool tailored for newsletters, something magical happens when combined with a user’s HubSpot account. By harnessing the power of HubSpot and, you’ll realize HubSpot email personalization that you never thought possible.

Automated RSS Newsletter Features

With HubSpot, you can create an RSS email newsletter, driven by an RSS feed that you specify.  This allows you to easily get your content out, in an attractive email design, to all of your subscribers.  This is your content, you spend time, energy and effort creating it.  You want your readers to benefit from it!

With, you can extend that newsletter capability.  With the boosting functionality, you can ensure that your self-published articles, whether via HubSpot or another blogging platform, receive preferential treatment.  But now, you can add additional sources to help identify additional relevant content that you approve which may supplement each individual reader’s newsletter.

Add additional sources to provide additional relevant content to supplement each individual newsletter

Combining with HubSpot, you can rest assured that your subscribers get the best of all worlds: your content featured in your newsletter, while ensuring they are also reading your newsletter to find content they are craving from other places.

Feature your content in your newsletter by boosting it, while ensuring are supplying a well-rounded selection of content by other publishers.

How Can Pick Up Where HubSpot Email Personalization Leaves Off

HubSpot’s segmentation tools give users a simple way to organize and manage their customer relationships, making it easy to tailor and personalize their marketing, service, and sales efforts to the needs of specific user groups or segments. Segmentation helps boost customer loyalty and increase conversions, and HubSpot does a good job of both.

And HubSpot newsletter allows you to add personalization tokens to your email, so you can address your readers by name.

What if we told you, however, that there were so many ways to create ACTUAL personalized emails? You could create newsletters where the actual content was personalized on a granular level?

With, you can supercharge your personalization efforts in ways you never thought possible. Send completely custom, individualized newsletters to each of your subscribers with The personalization tokens provided by takes email marketing personalization to the next level by collecting and sifting through the articles from your sources, pulling only the most relevant content for your newsletter. Your newsletters are then filtered to target individual subscribers based on their unique interests, and, in the end, no two emails are ever the same.

How to Understand Your Newsletter Audience Using Your HubSpot CRM Software

Who is subscribed to your newsletter?

Who is reading your newsletter content?

What stories are they most interested in reading?

These are important questions for anyone that sends out regular email newsletters as part of their ongoing digital marketing campaign. Thankfully,’s AI-powered automation tools can dig deep into audience behavior to answer these questions and automatically produce personalized newsletters targeted specifically to the individual user.

However, you want to be able to dig deep as well so you too can better understand individual audience members’ behavior. This data can prove crucial to other marketing and brand-building efforts. Thankfully, using HubSpot with, you can have access to all of the data within HubSpot.  Build dynamic lists of contacts based on how they’ve engaged with your new newsletter.

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How to Better Manage Your Content Using and HubSpot

Using for content curation is your best bet when looking for new ways to present your audience with the engaging content they want and deserve.

Senders who use have seen an increase in live and online event registration, engagement in online forums, and visits to their website when shared alongside a selection of custom curated articles. With, you’ll be able to quickly decide on the right mix of curated content, custom content, and advertising to keep your audience informed and engaged. Best of all,’s AI features will help you personalize those newsletters on the granular level, encouraging increased user engagement.

HubSpot Combined with is the Right Match

Let’s face it, HubSpot is designed for and encourages the use of add-ons and plugins. We can think of no better way to supercharge your audience engagement than through the combination of HubSpot’s popular marketing platform and the newsletter marketing system.

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