HubSpot Newsletter Integration: How Can Supercharge Your Existing Email Marketing Efforts

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If you are already using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, one of the world’s best-known marketing automation solutions for small businesses, you are already familiar with all of its great features.  HubSpot allows users to send highly optimized and seamlessly designed marketing emails and newsletters to their audience, furthering customer engagement and growing their base.

Since your HubSpot CRM powers your newsletter efforts, you can rest assured that the data you use for newsletter customization is accurate and targeted. HubSpot CRM maintains updated records for each of your subscribers to help you curate content that works for them. With HubSpot’s email marketing tools, everything you need to run a successful email newsletter campaign is baked right in.

Essentially, HubSpot has everything you need. Right?

Well, not everything.


Users can now supercharge their digital marketing efforts through HubSpot newsletter integration with, the world’s first (and only) truly personalized email newsletter software platform. The artificial intelligence (AI) tools that provides to its users can take email newsletter personalization to the next level by collecting and sifting through articles, pulling only the most relevant content, and targeting that content to individual subscribers.

If you’re using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, backed by its powerful CRM software, to send email newsletters, you are probably harnessing the power of its segmentation tools to boost customer loyalty and increase conversions. With, you can segment to the individual, customizing every subscriber’s unique journey.

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The path to HubSpot

Our newsletter platform can be used as a fully standalone system with all necessary functionality to build a newsletter and send manage a contact list.  

As an email marketing tool, what are we best at?  

  • Content.  
  • Personalization.  
  • Getting emails to inboxes.

But HubSpot rocks our world when it comes to managing your marketing list of contacts.  All of the tools for reporting on your contacts, segmenting your lists, tracking your contacts: we don’t even try to match their capabilities.

Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on bringing our expertise to where you already live: in HubSpot.  Use our system for building and managing the content in your newsletter.  That’s what we believe we do better.  But we work hard to get you back to HubSpot to assess the performance of your newsletter, and how your contacts engage with it.  That’s what HubSpot does better.

More and Better Content for your Newsletter

Our’s personalization features plus the ability to import external content from a marketing platform such as HubSpot means that offers the best of both worlds. Collecting user engagement data from multiple sources allows to provide highly personalized automated emails.

HubSpot + = More Personalization & More Power

When it comes to audience outreach, the power of HubSpot CRM software has you covered. However, when you introduce into the mix, you’ll achieve more control, have access to more content, and experience greater personalization, resulting in increased audience engagement.

Your audience constantly provides you with information about what interests them the most, and each of those data points can help you tailor your marketing efforts to their individual needs. HubSpot’s list segmentation feature helps you create contact lists based on various criteria. These lists are then used to automate email marketing efforts and send contacts the most relevant and personalized information.

With HubSpot’s list segmentation tools, users can target the audience they want to speak to. These lists are always up-to-date because they’re powered by your CRM data. Every click, action, and conversation automatically updates your lists, so you always work with the most up-to-date contact data.

When you add to the mix, you add a new level of segmentation based on your subscriber’s interests, which you cannot achieve with HubSpot alone. All your newsletter engagement data, including topics of interest for every subscriber, will be made available inside HubSpot, enabling deeper HubSpot segmentation and reporting for targeted follow-up. 

Get More User Engagement Data from Your HubSpot Blog

Suppose you are already using HubSpot’s full suite of integrated blogging tools. In that case, you know how easy it is to publish quality blog content that is optimized to drive traffic and convert readers into customers using the power of HubSpot.

The information provided by’s AI software can help you to dive even more deeply into audience behaviors around the content published to your HubSpot Blog. If you want to know what members of your audience are reading which stories or which audience members are downloading your white papers, look no further than Our AI software is gathering all of this important data to help curate and deliver hyper-personal newsletter content.

When you integrate HubSpot with, this data is automatically shared with your HubSpot environment to help boost your overall marketing efforts.

With our new HubSpot integration, users can now leverage the tech-forward personalization power of in tandem with HubSpot to supercharge their current email newsletter marketing strategy.

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The Power of Content Integration and Personalization

When you marry HubSpot’s excellent CRM and marketing features with’s powerful email newsletter software solution, you can harness the power of personalization and content integration for a deeper customer experience across the board. rasa provides more than simply personalization tokens and ‘merged fields.’ personalizes every set of your audience’s content.

Using the data collected by’s AI software based on newsletter subscriber behavior, you will be better able to determine what newsletter content might perform well across other marketing channels, such as on your website or social media pages. Combining HubSpot with allows you to more easily bring these personalized content suggestions to where your audience is.

How it Works

HubSpot users can take their marketing and CRM efforts to the next level now that can integrate with great HubSpot features like Content & Company Insights, Contact Activity, Contact Management, and HubSpot’s Reporting Dashboards. Go check out our Hubspot reviews and integrations directly in the marketplace.

As an email marketing software company focused on AI and email newsletters, we want you take the next step in your email marketing campaign and evolve your email marketing automation process now

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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