Using Instagram Poll Questions to Increase Engagement

Instagram polls are just plain fun.

Whether you’re voting on the next food item that a local chef will add to their menu or giving your favorite interior designer an opinion on paint color, pressing that little button makes us as consumers feel relevant where we might have otherwise been quiet observers.

Plus, it feels a little bit like a game, and who doesn’t love games?

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Instagram is constantly looking for ways to keep its users entertained and interactive, so the platform introduced different story features like polls, questions, and slide ratings back in 2017.

If you’ve never experimented with Instagram polls before, the basic process is to start with a question and write two possible answers for your followers to choose from. You can customize your answer choices to your liking and once a selection is made it reveals a percentage breakdown of the results.

In combination with other business Instagram story insights (like replies, forwarding, sticker taps, and follows), polls provide invaluable market research data.

Learn about the demands and interests of your target market and make informed decisions on promotions, product design, and more.

Compared to other forms of marketing like print and TV, social media marketing highlights the interactive connection between a business and its followers. Not only did your audience make the conscious decision to follow you, there’s a good chance those followers are actually interested in your content and want to interact wherever possible.

If you aren’t already using Instagram polls to increase engagement on your stories and posts, now’s the time to start. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram polls to boost sales.

1. This or That Story Polls

Ask your followers to choose between this option or that option. It fulfills a human desire to feel heard and provides excellent market research on the tastes of our consumers.

    Here are a few examples of this or that story polls for online clothing retailers:

    • Black dress or white dress
    • Heeled sandal or flat sandal
    • Jacket or no jacket

    Here are a few examples for marketing agencies:

    • Colorful or monotone branding
    • Humorous brand voice or serious tone
    • Weekly or monthly newsletter

    Here are a few examples for real estate agents:

    • Modern or colonial
    • Driveway or garage
    • Clawfoot tub or rainwater shower

    Here are a few examples of this or that story polls for nonprofits:

    • Shave your pet or don’t shave your pet 
    • Donate or Volunteer
    • Lots of knowledge or need more info
    Instagram Poll Questions - This or That -

    Use side-by-side photos to represent the two options and see which one generates the most interest. Asking your audience to choose “This” or “That” is a great way to gauge what your audience prefers and can even help you make informed decisions on future products and purchases.

    If you’re designing a product or service from scratch, check in with your followers to see which option is preferred. From a marketing perspective, this draws interest, and you will connect with your customers, but it can also increase your overall sales by minimizing your customer experience gap. The closer you’re able to get to providing exactly what your target market wants, the higher your chances for success.

    2. Gauge Event Participation

    Use Instagram polls to remind your followers about an upcoming event or launch date. Ask a question and take action based on the answers. Send registration information to anyone who isn’t planning to attend.

    • “Will you be at the webinar tonight?” (Yes or No)
    • “Are you coming to the shopping event?” (Can’t wait! or I still haven’t signed up)

    These are both great ways to gauge interest. Compared to a simple text-only reminder post or flyer, the interactive poll requires your followers to actually think about attending and provide an answer.

    Instagram Poll Questions - Event Registration -

    3. Play Poll Trivia

    Feel free to get creative with this one.

    Ask your followers rapid-fire questions in a long-form, multi-post story. Try sticking to one general topic that’s somehow related to your business or choose engaging content that you believe will generate interest. Here are a few examples:

    • Use This or That form for a string of vacation destinations
    • Ask viewers to choose their favorite looks after the Met Gala
    • Ask questions about Rock & Roll history
    • Use True or False for a string of statistics
    • Ask viewers to choose their favorite dog breeds
    • Ask questions about the history of your organization

    Poll trivia will keep your followers engaged and may even encourage them to view your stories more frequently. Plus, a person who has fun answering your trivia questions and tapping through your story could end up seeing more of your content through the Instagram algorithm. If the platform determines that your content is interesting to an individual, it’s going to be promoted.

    4. “Do you want to ____?”

    The response here should be somewhat obvious. Ask your followers if they are interested in your product or service offering, but make both answer choices actionable. Here are a few examples:

    • Do you want to get involved? (Yes! or Can I get more info?)
    • Do you want to know more? (Absolutely or Send me a message!)

    In this Instagram poll form, you’re offering the illusion of choice while simultaneously confirming a follow-up from anyone who answers. In both scenarios, you have a jumping-off point.

    Small businesses, solopreneurs, real estate agents, nonprofits – anyone with a social media presence – can learn a lot from their interactions on social media, and the process is so simple.

    Instagram provides plenty of opportunities for business and creator accounts to learn from their audiences and interact in new and unique ways. Stand out from a crowd of boring story posts and give your audience a chance to contribute in real-time.

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