Informing the World About Artificial Intelligence for Associations and Our Recent Webinar

The concepts of Artificial Intelligence and how AI can be applied to real-world scenarios in the association world are abstract to many people. Through speaking to our customers and prospective clients, it has become clear that one of our primary missions is to help people understand how our AI can better inform the world – and their worlds.

How your association can use AI right now

In the beginning of the year, we posted a series on 3 ways that your association can utilize AI right now in order to achieve organizational goals. We broke down 3 very tangible ways that associations can implement AI with little start-up cost and effort: website chatbots in order to intelligently answer and triage member queries; AI-generated daily newsbriefs which deliver industry news intelligently curated based upon a members likes and interests; and intelligent connections so that you can be the engine behind forging meaningful relationships between your members.

Our webinar: Learning more about AI and associations

A few weeks ago we continued on our important mission of better informing the association world of tangible applications of AI when our Chairman, Amith Nagarajan, hosted a webinar: How Your Association Can Use Artificial Intelligence Right Now. We saw an incredible turnout rate, and, at the end of the session, we had more questions and inquiries from the audience than we had time to answer! We, therefore, want to make sure that our webinar recording is accessible to all who want to learn about this exciting technology and its practical applications.

Watch our practical applications of Artificial Intelligence webinar!

Going forward and spreading the AI word

Most recently, Amith and Jared Loftus, our Chief Revenue Officer attended ASAE’s (The American Society of Association Executives) Great Ideas Conference, where they continued to spread the good AI word. Amith was chosen to give a conference session on how this sometimes seemingly intangible topic is relevant to the association world right now.

Our important work of informing the world is ongoing. One of the most exciting aspects of being part of the team is being at the cutting edge of this exciting technology. We love talking about how our product fits into the greater context of artificial intelligence in the association world.

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