South Carolina Association of CPAs (SCACPA): How is Leveraging AI to Help CPA Associations Hyper-Personalize Member Communication


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The South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA) knows that relevance and engagement are paramount in today’s dynamic landscape. With over 4,000 members spanning CPAs, financial professionals, and students, SCACPA previously faced the all-to-common challenge of catering to diverse needs while fostering meaningful connections.

Disappointed by stagnant membership growth and longing for a deeper understanding of the needs of its members, the SCACPA sought innovative solutions to help achieve its goals. That led the organization to partner with to leverage AI technologies that would allow it to segment its audience based on their interests to deliver more relevant and engaging targeted content.

The Impact of the SCACPA’s Personalized Newsletters on its Members

Thanks to its partnership with, subscribers, regardless of whether they are seasoned CPAs seeking continuing education resources, students charting a new career path, or aspiring professionals considering the CPA journey, can receive newsletters tailored to their exact interests.

The AI-driven platform analyzes individual member data, preferences, and engagement history to curate three distinct newsletters for the SCACPA:

Highlighting exclusive benefits, advocacy updates, and relevant educational opportunities for existing members.
Guiding students through the CPA path, providing career advice, and showcasing the rewards of the profession.
Engaging non-members with valuable insights into the CPA world, showcasing member success stories, and sparking interest in joining the SCACPA community.

The benefits of this hyper-personalized approach are undeniable. Thanks to AI automation, SCACPA seamlessly manages these targeted communications with minimal staff intervention. But the true impact lies in the unprecedented member engagement. dashboard - rasa email newsletter design

Automate Your Newsletter And Get Unprecedented Member Engagement

Get results while saving time curating so you can spend your efforts on the “bajillion” other things you need to do.

The AI-powered newsletters have yielded phenomenal results:

  • Soaring open rates: Monthly average unique open rates exceeding 65%, a testament to the content’s personalized relevance.
  • Boosted click-throughs: 20%+ click-through rates, demonstrating increased member interaction and deeper engagement with the provided resources.
  • A surge in website traffic: Enhanced newsletter content drives more members to the SCACPA website, fostering further exploration and interaction.
ISEA Case Study pdf
ISEA Case Study pdf
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How Helped the SCACPA Address Common CPA Association Challenges

According to Chris Jenkins, CEO of the SCACPA, the benefits of this partnership extend far beyond mere metrics. He notes that it has helped to create a more empowered staff, a more satisfied and engaged member base, and a stronger, more dynamic SCACPA community.

“’s automation not only significantly reduced staff time spent on the newsletter but also unleashed unprecedented member engagement, transforming our communication strategy, I highly recommend to any CPA association looking to advance its member benefits.”

– Chris Jenkins, CEO of SCACPA

By embracing AI-powered solutions, SCACPA is ensuring the relevance and engagement of its newsletters and forging a deeper connection with its members, paving the way for a more vibrant and thriving professional community.

Other CPA associations can learn from the SCACPA’s experience with personalized newsletters. By implementing similar personalized newsletter campaigns, other CPA associations can improve member engagement and retention, generate more revenue, and better serve their members’ needs.

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