Top 14 Most Helpful ChatGPT Tools

With the launch of our content generation feature, enters a growing field of marketing platforms harnessing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for content generation. But, of course, here at, we are not strangers to the power of artificial intelligence.

The’s newsletter AI tool has been on the leading edge for years, using AI to help its users engage their subscribers effectively by sending them highly personalized content. 

The team is always thinking of ways to grow and improve its platform, and its new generative AI feature is one of those further improvements. With this new feature, users have the power to infuse ChatGPT directly into their newsletter messaging.

In this post, we’ll explore how ChatGPT and AI have changed the marketing landscape, take a deep dive into the new generative text feature, and look at some of the other top AI-based tools that use ChatGPT.

A Chat with ChatGPT:

What is ChatGPT?

“ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It leverages the power of GPT-3.5 architecture to engage in conversational interactions with users.

With a vast knowledge base, OpenAI’s ChatGPT can provide information, answer questions, and assist with various tasks. ChatGPT is trained on diverse internet text, enabling it to generate coherent and contextually relevant responses. In addition, it can understand and generate human-like text, adapting to different conversational styles.

ChatGPT’s capabilities make it a powerful tool for communication, customer support, and creative writing. Its ongoing development aims to enhance user experiences and expand its functionalities.”

As part of the generative text feature, newsletter creators can now enter a prompt for the AI to use to generate newsletter text. Users can adjust the type, length, and tone to align with their brand style and vision.

Why AI?

AI offers transformative possibilities by augmenting human capabilities and automating complex tasks.

In its journey to provide users with the best email marketing platform possible, recognized the potential of AI. By developing a newsletter platform that leverages AI, revolutionized the content curation process.

Through sophisticated algorithms, the platform automatically curates and tailors content to individual subscribers’ interests. This AI-driven approach saves time and enhances personalization, ensuring a more engaging and relevant reading experience.’s investment in AI showcases the power of technology in streamlining processes, enhancing user experiences, and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

With that kind of proven track record, it should come as no surprise that is now offering its users a generative text feature using AI.

Our’s AI Content Generator

Using ChatGPT, the platform has integrated ChatGPT text generator features, such as email newsletter copy, into your personalized newsletter. With features including a prompt, tone, and even a new GIF generator based on Youtube clips, is once again revolutionizing how businesses and organizations use personalized email newsletters for marketing purposes.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this feature is that users can use the top topics that subscribers clicked on to create a more personalized experience. dashboard - rasa email newsletter design

Interested in trying out’s AI Content Generator?

Personalize your newsletter (even more) with our generative text integration now!

Is AI Integration the New Normal?

AI integration is swiftly becoming the new normal across various industries.

From Microsoft 365, Google Bard AI, Microsoft Bing,  and beyond, numerous companies recognize AI’s immense potential. As a result, they are actively seeking ways to incorporate it into their products and services.

With AI’s ability to automate tasks, analyze data, and improve decision-making, businesses can gain a competitive edge, enhance customer experiences, and boost operational efficiency.

As AI technology advances, its integration is expected to become increasingly prevalent, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Embracing AI integration has become a strategic imperative for companies looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Top 14 Tools That Use ChatGPT

If you are unfamiliar with ChatGPT and how to use it to your advantage, consider these best AI-powered tools built on the GPT model. These AI-powered tools make it easier to use ChatGPT to its full potential.

Let’s get started!

  1. ChatGPT Desktop
  2. MacGPT
  3. ChatSonic (ChatGPT for Gmail)
  4. GrammarlyGo
  5. ChatGPT for Google
  6. ChatGPT Everywhere
  7.’s Generative Text
  8. Perplexity
  9. ChatSpot (ChatGPT for Hubspot)
  10. CodeGPT (ChatGPT for VSCode)
  11. GitHub Copilot
  12. TweetGPT (ChatGPT for Twitter/X)
  13. AI Post Generator by AutoWriter
  14. AI Engine

1. ChatGPT Desktop

ChatGPT Desktop allows users to harness the power of ChatGPT directly on their desktops, enabling seamless conversation experiences. With ChatGPT Desktop, you can effortlessly export your conversation history in various formats and take advantage of intuitive shortcut keys, simplifying navigation and interaction.

2. MacGPT

MacGPT on Mac

On a Mac? MacGPT is a sleek and intuitive macOS application that seamlessly integrates the power of the ChatGPT API into your menu bar. With a simple keyboard shortcut of Cmd+Shift+G, you can instantly access ChatGPT from anywhere on your macOS device.

3. ChatSonic (ChatGPT for Gmail)

ChatSonic is a Chrome extension that offers a range of functionalities, including auto-completing email subjects, correcting typos, and providing a user-friendly button to activate the completion process, ensuring efficient and error-free email communication. They also offer a ChatGPT alternative tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate digital AI artwork, act as a personal assistant, and help create AI chatbots.

4. GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGO is a generative AI tool that uses ChatGPT to help individuals and teams improve their writing and productivity. Featuring tools such as generating drafts and rewriting suggestions, GrammarlyGO is compatible with various platforms and applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, and Medium.

5. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is an innovative browser extension that seamlessly integrates ChatGPT into popular search engines, such as Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Yahoo, and Naver. ChatGPT’s responses are displayed alongside search results, providing valuable insights and information.

6. ChatGPT Everywhere

Are you looking for an all-in-one? ChatGPT Everywhere is a Chrome extension allowing you to see ChatGPT’s responses using Google Search and rewrite emails in your Gmail. The extension also features a convenient sidebar with full access to ChatGPT’s large language model, enabling you to utilize its power anywhere on the web.

7.’s Generative Text screenshot of generative text AI feature

Looking to power up your email newsletter? Using machine learning, creates hyper-personalized email newsletters curated to each subscriber’s interests. What does that mean? Now with’s new generative text feature, you can combine the power of with ChatGPT!

Click here for more information about this exciting feature.

8. Perplexity

Perplexity’s Chrome Extension is an AI search companion powered by OpenAI’s large language model that lets you ask questions or get instant summaries while you browse the internet. Perplexity searches the internet to deliver a quick, accurate answer with cited sources. Perplexity can instantly summarize the whole page for you if you are on a page such as a blog post.

9. ChatSpot (ChatGPT for Hubspot)

ChatSpot combines the power of ChatGPT and HubSpot CRM. As an AI-powered sales and marketing assistant, ChatSpot is tailor-made for growing businesses to bring you insights you can’t find in one place anywhere else.

10. CodeGPT (ChatGPT for VSCode)

CodeGPT is a revolutionary extension for Visual Studio Code that seamlessly integrates the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, allowing developers to code effectively in 16 different programming languages. With this extension, you can ask natural language questions and receive answers directly from your editor.

11. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an AI developer tool that uses OpenAI Codex to suggest code and entire functions in real-time, right from the editor. Trained on billions of lines of code, Copilot turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions across dozens of languages.

12. TweetGPT (ChatGPT for Twitter/X)


TweetGPT is a ChatGPT Chrome extension that uses OpenAI’s API to create customized tweets based on the user’s desired topic, language, and emotional tone. It aims to help users express themselves on Twitter more effectively and generate thoughtful and engaging tweet replies.

13. AI Post Generator by AutoWriter

AI Post Generator by AutoWriter is a WordPress plugin that assists in generating content. Supporting multiple languages, it automatically detects the language of your title and seamlessly creates AI-generated content in the same language. It can also source relevant, high-quality images that perfectly align with the topic or theme of your piece.

14. AI Engine

AI Engine is a WordPress plugin that brings the power of a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website. With a user-friendly shortcode, you can seamlessly integrate this plugin and enhance your website’s interactivity. AI Engine can also generate fresh content, perform translations and corrections, and access insightful suggestions through its AI Playground.

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