What Emails Should Real Estate Agents Be Sending?


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It’s common for real estate agents and companies to have excellent open and click-through rates with email marketing. Email marketing can be a huge part of why a lead becomes a client and why a client becomes a repeat client – and don’t forget referrals!

It is time to use emails to convert those qualified leads. Here are four email categories that can help you deliver the results. 

Email Newsletter

If you offer insightful information on your real estate website, such as blogs or other educational content, it is time to share it, and newsletters are a great way to do it right. Email newsletters allow you to share anything you want with your target audience. 

More importantly, this allows you to stay on top with your clients without being too sales. An email newsletter can contain links to a blog post, e-book, infographics, etc. You can send updates about your website to motivate the prospects to visit your landing page. It’s a great place to include links to your new listings.


A digest is another great email that real estate agents can send. These emails have content that can be read quickly and easily. Your digest email will share pertinent links with your readers. 

Digest emails are best for those who do not have enough time to read long and detailed email newsletter. However, you have to be consistent with your digest emails and send them on a weekly or monthly basis, including links to the new content you have created. 

You should also share links to content from other sources in the real estate industry. For example, you can add a sales report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

Content Email

If you wish to be more engaging with your potential clients, then sending out a content email is a perfect solution. This will allow you to send out regularly scheduled emails with valuable content to the local buyers and sellers. 

However, as a real estate agent, you can use content marketing to send out diverse content and information. Here is a list of ideas that can become a part of your content email as a real estate agent. 

  • Neighborhood guides
  • Local market trends
  • Homeowner tips
  • Client success stories
  • Updates on interest rates on the market
  • Periodic comparative market analysis
  • Newly opened shops and restaurants
  • Holiday greetings
  • Mortgage news
  • Housing decoration inspiration and trends
  • Just sold properties

Only showcase the very best when it comes to including the content on your blogs, social media channels, and websites. Remember, the goal here is to provide value and build trust with your leads.

    Testimonial Emails

    Testimonials from your existing clients can make all the difference to a new one, whether it’s a video or just a quote. They can show that you are the trusted and go-to realtor to others. Social proof is a powerful tool and can be the difference between a client doing business with you or not.

    • Try to use recent customer testimonials – the more current their review of you is the better.
    • Create a story around the testimonials. Select a few that highlight different benefits of working with you, or choose a few that discuss working with you in different stages.
    • Find a way to create a video testimonial. You don’t need very many, but video can be a powerful tool. Record the videos yourself or ask your happiest customers to send in a quick recording of what it’s like to work with you.

    Cultivating relevancy through content.

    Share more than just new listings.

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