The Story Behind Four Emailers That Leveled Up with AI-Personalized Newsletters

We have customers in every field from health, sciences, medicine, law, engineering, therapy and wellness, design, HR and staffing, education, crypto, associations, and more.

Today, we’re looking at four amazing longtime users!

ASAE – “ASAE is the essential organization for association management, representing both organizations and individual association professionals. “

Professional Pricing Society – “The PPS mission is to nurture a growing community of pricing professionals committed to disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world.”

Anise Consulting – “A management and technology accountant with a deep understanding of how Accounting Apps can be implemented and utilized effectively to improve workflow and surface information useful for telling the businesses story and for data-driven decisions.”

Association for Healthcare Food Service – “The premier organization for self-operated healthcare foodservice professionals.”

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Julie Shoop

Chief Content Officer at ASAE

“So, I urge you if you’re considering doing your newsletter a little bit differently that you consider rasa – we’ve been very happy working with them and it’s been a great experience.”

The Center for Association Leadership (ASAE) in Washington, D.C., represents more than 42,000 members who lead and manage more than 7,300 associations across the globe. ASAE and partnered in 2018 to increase engagement for ASAE’s Associations Now Daily News, which boasts a circulation of 50,000 subscribers.

In her review, Julie Shoop, Chief Content Officer at ASAE, credits the platform for increasing member engagement by ensuring that the organization delivers a newsletter tailored to meet each subscriber’s needs and interests. Julie notes that by partnering with, the organization eliminated the manual in-house process that it once used to create and send newsletters, resulting in increased efficiency. She also praises the support staff at for always addressing the organization’s needs, from day-to-day troubleshooting to offering support for larger projects.

With, ASAE has experienced:   

  • increased engagement with members

  • the ability to offer truly personalized content to its members

  • increased in-house efficiency  

  • quality customer support from the friendly and knowledgeable team


Dr. Michael Tatonetti

Vice President of Professional Pricing Society

“So we absolutely love rasa. It’s been super easy, a great investment and it doesn’t take up much time at all each week for us to curate the newsletter and approve what’s in it…So, we’re very happy as a client.”

The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) is the leading worldwide pricing collaborative bringing together new and seasoned business professionals from all industries for learning, training, and networking. The organization has been using for more than a year. In his video review, Dr. Michael Tatonetti, the organization’s Vice President, says that has given the company an easy and quick way to curate content for its newsletters without the burden of creating that content in-house.

Using curated content from, PPS has achieved its marketing objectives by providing members with great content and coupling it with the promotion of upcoming conferences and digital education offerings, driving sales. As a result, Michael says that the organization’s open and click rates have increased.

With, the Professional Pricing Society has:

  • been able to provide curated content to its members

  • increased email open and click rates

  • met the company’s marketing objectives

  • been able to drive sales


Heather Smith

Founder of Anise Consulting

“The subscribers love the newsletter. It has a very high open rate and it’s frequently commented on as being one of the best resources for people to focus on if they are interested in accounting technology.”

Heather Smith, Founder of Anise Consulting, runs an accounting practice and training business that focuses on accounting technology. She has been producing an accounting technology newsletter using since 2019. She says that her subscribers love the newsletter, and she points to her high open rates and the many subscriber comments that it is the best resource for accounting technology.

She points to the platform’s ease of use as another plus, particularly the ability to create a graphically stunning newsletter that produces results. Best of all, she says that by having access to all of the curated content provided by, she has been able to bring her career to the next level by being more well-informed about current trends in accounting technology. By gathering relevant, recent content from around the web, can do relatively quickly what Heather says would take her hundreds of hours.

With, Heather Smith has:

  • been able to provide her subscribers with content they appreciate

  • found the platform easy to use

  • found relevant content that has helped to boost her expert knowledge

  • found the support staff to be friendly and helpful


Leah Riley

Executive Director at
Association for Healthcare Food Service

“We’re able to put the newsletter together very easily every week, choose the articles that we want to have go in, curate some articles of our own, as well as manage our sponsor advertisements that are in the issue. We’ve also been able to generate a decent amount of non dues revenue to the system, creating a whole new source of income for us.”

The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) is a nonprofit organization for self-operated food management professionals in healthcare and senior dining. AHF has a robust membership of professionals and vendors working in the self-operated foodservice industry.

Leah Riley, Executive Director at AHF, says that the organization has used the platform for two years. According to Leah, the organization efficiently produces newsletters for its members each week using In addition to choosing articles from the database, the company curates articles of its own and manages sponsor advertisements. The organization has also opened up a whole new income stream through its newsletters.

With, The Association for Healthcare Foodservice has:

  • been able to efficiently produce weekly newsletters for its members

  • opened a new revenue stream for its organization

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