Two Tech Companies Reaching New Heights with Their Newsletters [Customer Highlight]

We have customers in every field from health, sciences, medicine, law, engineering, therapy and wellness, design, HR and staffing, education, crypto, associations, and more.

Today, we’re looking at two of our very distinguished users that live in the tech world.

Gather Voices, a video recording relationship management software, and Sidecar, a professional development tool for association professionals.

Read more about how sending an AI-powered newsletter helped boost their audience engagement and shave hours off their preparation time each week.

Bonus – listen and watch them talk about their experiences directly in their video testimonials! 


Michael Hoffman

CEO at Gather Voices

“We love how it uses A.I. and intelligence to give people the things that they want to read while also highlighting the things we want them to read. And it really strikes that balance in a really great way.”

Gather Voices is a company that helps more than 100 organizations drive engagement through video relationship management software. Michael Hoffman, CEO at Gather Voices, says that he is always looking for new ways to expand content and email marketing without eating up the time and resources it would take to write dozens of articles and then curate dozens more.

Michael says that is where comes in. His organization has been able to increase its open and click-through rates and reduce the marketing team’s burden.

Michael says that the organization is particularly impressed with the way the AI strikes a balance to give subscribers the things they want to read while also highlighting the things that the company wants them to read.

With, Gather Voices has:

  • been able to increase its open and click-through rates

  • reduced its marketing team’s workload

  • provided subscribers with content relevant to their interests and the company’s is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Americas Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2

Chelsea Brasted

General Manager at Sidecar

“We really use to build trust with our audience and frankly, to also increase the pages and eyeballs on the content we’re producing, too.”

Sidecar is a company that creates professional development tools that help association professionals grow themselves and their organizations. In her video review, Chelsea Brasted, General Manager at Sidecar, notes that the company has been using since before she came on board two years ago.

Chelsea says that although Sidecar produces in-house content for its members, it cannot create enough to fill an entire newsletter three days a week. That’s where comes in.

The company has come to rely on to help it provide its members with helpful and valuable content from trusted sources. That has allowed Sidecar to get in front of its members more often than it could on its own. What matters most, Chelsea says, is that Sidecar’s relationship with has allowed the company to build trust with its audience and increase website page views.

With, Sidecar has been able to:

  • offer its members relevant content from trusted sources

  • increase engagement with its members

  • build trust with its audience

  • drive more traffic to its website

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