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Leveraging’s AI newsletter tool, SCACPA efficiently distributes three distinct newsletters tailored to it’s diverse audiences.

ASAE The Center for Association Leadership

ASAE began using to personalize the Associations Now email and automate the delivery process with cutting-edge AI.

ISEA Case Study pdf
american marketing association ama

By switching to, AMA was able to simultaneously increase their send frequency while saving tons of time on their newsletter process.

ASAE The Center for Association Leadership

ISEA teamed up with to streamline its newsletter distribution, combine its content into a one newsletter, and free up valuable time and staff power.

american marketing association ama

By partnering with, ASIS International’s allowed members to discover content they would otherwise be unaware of.

SmithDigital Case Study
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers case study with rasa
american marketing association ama

Determined that sending email newsletters would be too time-consuming and too costly, SmithDigital partnered with to leverage the major time-saving benefits of AI.

ASAE The Center for Association Leadership

The platform has allowed ASCE to provide its newsletter
subscribers with a stronger, more relevant experience by leveraging
AI to tailor content.

American Society for Microbiology

Being able to interact with audience members on an individual level has proven to be beneficial by increasing all engagement metrics for ASM – open and click rates have soared.

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