Amazing Analytics: Petra Coach, and the 10,000,000 People Promise


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Petra Coach provides a coaching service for companies interested in improving their growth rate, profitability, valuation and sustainability. Each Petra coach teaches their clients how to implement a culture that aligns their operating principals with their core values and core purpose. Petra’s core purpose is to have a positive impact on 10,000,000 human beings.

We teamed up with Petra to help them continue to increase the positive impact on their clients and subscribers by using AI to send personalized business news. The Petra email newsletter features original content they publish on their blog, as well as relevant business news from trusted third-party sources. Our AI-powered system can personalize each email so that their members receive the articles they are most interested in while fully-automating the entire process.

Applying the Analytics

We recently wrote about how AI can improve your content strategy by giving you insights into what subjects are of the highest interest to your subscribers. Also, it can help you better decide the nature of your future content. Petra used this tactic when their analytics showed that “customer service” was a top-five reading topic.

They decided to create a cornerstone piece for their Petra Coach Blog on the critical nature of good customer service to grow a business. As a result, the overall click rate for that day was the highest for the entire month. In fact, that cornerstone customer service piece received far higher than average engagement from Petra members.

Read the full Petra Coach case study here.


What Petra Founder and Head Coach Andy Bailey says about the impact of the Smart Newsletter:

“The engagement rates that we have seen with the newsbrief have surpassed our expectations. We are now able to automatically send individualized business news to our members – who represent all different verticals – without having to curate newsletters by hand. We see open rates that are consistently above 35%, oftentimes surpassing the 40% mark. We love that the rich, relevant information we send our subscribers represents what they want to read and allows them to out-learn the competition.”

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