🔎 Sherlock Holmes Is the Only Person Who Can Find Your Blog | August 27, 2020

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Hope things are well on your end. This week we’re talking about writing for people and for Google. This is known as search engine optimization, or SEO, and it’s what helps people find your business blog and other content.

Pop Quiz: What’s a long-tail keyword? (Answer below.)

How do you write content that doesn’t sound like it’s written for robots? Easy: Write for people first. Always. Focus on creating content that solves a specific problem your customers face. Then you can consider what search engines are looking for.

The 3 Elements for Driving Search Traffic

… to useful content are:

  1. Keyword optimization → Fill your post with keywords to catch different kinds of searches
  2. Quality backlinks → Include several links to other content from trusted sources
  3. Evergreen content → Cover an idea or topic that remains relevant over time

Let’s focus on keywords. Research top keywords your customers are searching, but also consider customer intent. As Neil Patel puts it: Use keywords to understand whether search users want to buy a product or not.

Long-tail keywords can help you find buyers.

These are more specific search terms with low search volume and low competition levels. Lower competition = higher search rankings and higher conversion rates. Check out this Backlinko graphic for a primer on how long tail keywords differ from more general search terms.


📖A Guide To Writing Content For People and Optimizing For Google: Neil Patel reviews everything you need to know to start writing SEO-friendly content. 

📖 How to Write for SEO in 2020: Advice for keeping up with Google and the “buyer’s journey” on search.

📖 10 SEO Tips For Your Blog: “Use keywords thoughtfully and sparingly, sticking to a more natural feel.”

Here’s to better SEO! See you next week.

-Team rasa.io

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