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From content creators and influencers to businesses and associations, email newsletters are an essential tool for brand marketing, audience engagement, and revenue generation. No one is more aware of their inherent value than the folks here at because, with the help of our newsletter software, countless clients have reaped the benefits of hyper-personalized email newsletters featuring AI-driven content.

While there are a whole host of newsletter software solutions on the market, each has its strengths and weaknesses. Although the team may be biased when we declare that ours is the best, we encourage you to do your due diligence and find the right newsletter solution for you. To that end, we are always upfront about what our competitors have to offer, so you can confidently make your decision in creating a successful newsletter..

In that spirit, this article details beehiiv, an all-in-one newsletter platform targeting creators looking for growth. We will discuss beehiiv’s pros and cons while comparing its features to those offered by’s email newsletter software.

Short Summary

beehiiv Newsletter

The beehiiv newsletter platform was designed with the creator economy in mind and offers tools to encourage growth. That is no surprise considering the founders of the beehiiv newsletter platform were part of the Morning Brew growth team. Morning Brew is a top-rated business newsletter boasting millions of subscribers. The beehiiv newsletter software solution is free for up to 2,500 subscribers, which is a significant perk. A beehiiv newsletter is easy to create using a clean, minimalistic interface, and it also has valuable tools that help users track performance and growth. 

Great for: Content creators on a tight budget who are just starting out and looking to expand their audience.

When you use to produce and deliver your newsletters, you’ll have access to powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can personalize them to each old and new subscriber on your list. Although’s AI technology dictates the unique set of articles sent to subscribers based on their past behaviors and interests, you remain in complete control, choosing and filtering your newsletter sources and making all design and distribution decisions.

Great for: Nonprofits, small businesses, and associations that utilize email newsletters to reach audiences but are looking to streamline the creation process and offer more value through personalization and increased engagement.

Key Features

beehiiv Newsletter Features

The most endearing quality of the beehive newsletter platform is that it is creator-centered. It is a newsletter platform that allows users to produce and send newsletters with fully customized designs easily. It also gives them the tools they need to analyze essential metrics and grow their subscriber base.

Some of beehiiv’s best features include:

  • Easy-to-use newsletter editor/builder: The beehiiv newsletter publishing platform makes it simple for users to create and send email newsletters. The beehiiv user interface is minimalistic and modern, with one of the most popular newsletter editors on the market.
  • Website hosting options: Every time you produce a newsletter using beehiiv, you can store it live on the web. Basically, beehiiv gives you a home not only for all of the past issues but also a place where potential subscribers can go and sign-up for your newsletter. Best of all, you get a free website with every beehive pricing plan, including the free plan. However, you’ll have to live with a beehiiv subdomain and branding unless you’re willing to pay for an upgraded plan plan with a custom domain.
  • Subscribe Forms: The beehiiv newsletter platform is committed to helping its users grow their subscriber base, which is why beehiiv makes it so easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter either from your beehiiv website or through embedded web forms. Features

  • Hyper-personalization and customization: One of the unique features of the newsletter platform is that every newsletter space is customized to the individual subscriber. That helps to ensure that your readers will love everything you send their way. Even if you already segment your emails, takes it to the next level by segmenting your segments into a group of one.
  • Advanced automation: With the platform’s AI automation tools, coupled with your own hand curation, you can maintain control while significantly reducing the time and effort you spend producing and sending your newsletter. Automation allows you to free up time and focus on other issues related to growing your organization.
  • Content Featuring: With, you don’t always have to let AI technology do all the work. You can always opt to feature particular blog posts or articles in your newsletter that you want every subscriber to read, regardless of their preferences. Most users have found that using both features helps them to maintain a successful content balance.

Quick Feature Comparison:

Newsletter Templates Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes
AI-Powered Text Generation Yes Yes
AI Image Generator No Yes
AI Automation Yes Yes
AI Content Curation Yes No
Integration Yes Yes
Target Audience Associations and organizations Creators and individuals
Key Benefits AI-powered personalization and automation to automatically send curated content Affordable, easy-to-use newsletter platform to start sending out email newsletters.

The Takeaway: beehiiv vs.

There is no denying that beehiiv is a go-to newsletter solution for content creators, especially those who are just starting out and looking to grow their base. With beehiiv, creators can quickly start sending a free newsletters and connecting with audiences absolutely free.

On the other hand, is the perfect solution for businesses, organizations, and associations who want an all-in-one digital marketing newsletter tool that combines in-house content with curated AI-driven newsletter content to enhance user experiences.

Learn how you can build relationships and increase engagement with your audience through curated content.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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