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At, we believe that content curation is the lifeblood of a successful, ongoing email newsletter campaign.

There is no doubt that audiences want to hear about your organization regularly, but they also seek relevant, industry-related content that appeals to them. Striking a balance between the two is the difference between a content marketing strategy that uses curated content and one that doesn’t.

Content curation refers to gathering information relevant to a topic or area of interest to share that information in a structured or organized manner. While knows a thing or two about content curation, we must admit that the folks at Curated, an email platform built specifically to support newsletters, also do!

You might be wondering why we would point you toward another email newsletter service provider. Well, the truth is that we care more about your organization’s success than we do about our bottom line, and we want you to have all of the facts before you decide which email newsletter marketing tool is right for your organization.

This post breaks down the differences (and similarities) between Curated and so that you can rest assured that you are making an informed decision.

Short Summary


The Curated email marketing platform was designed to create and execute curated digital newsletters. The team at Curated recognizes that there are many benefits to running a curated publication, not the least of which is the ability to grow your audience and promote your product or service alongside your curated content. One of the major benefits of a Curated newsletter campaign is the ability to turn your publication into its own revenue stream.

Great for: Companies and organizations that want to tell their story, promote their brand, book sponsorships, and sell subscriptions.

At, our primary focus is to provide organizations and associations with smarter newsletter emails. Curated content is a key ingredient in making that happen. With, you’ll quickly determine the right balance of curated content, custom content, and advertising needed to keep your audience engaged. Best of all, the artificial intelligence marketing automation features provided by will help you personalize your newsletters on a granular level so that members will not only appreciate your newsletters but look forward to them and even share them with others.

Great for: Organizations, associations, and businesses that want to provide their membership with personalized content that will keep them engaged and loyal.

Curating Content for your Newsletter Emails


With Curated, the power of content curation is in the hands of you and your team. Using the Curated web browser extension, each time you discover interesting content that you can use in your email campaigns, you can capture it with a one-click ‘Save to Curated’ link. You can also curate on the go by emailing the content that you find directly into Curated. Best of all, you can invite other contributors from your organization to make the content curation process a true team effort.

Great for: Senders that regularly scour the web for relevant content to share with their subscribers.

In addition to adding their own original content, users can create a newsletter content pool using many different content sources such as news websites, blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts. Once you’ve taken the initial step of choosing your favorite content sources for your newsletter, the AI automation platform will take over, regularly sifting through your content pool, tracking who is clicking on what, and customizing your email newsletter for each individual subscriber. Each time you press send, generates a unique email newsletter for each reader.

Great for: Senders that prefer automation to gather reviewable content, more of a “set it and let it go” approach to email newsletter marketing.

Revenue Generation Through Email Newsletter Campaigns


As your email newsletter grows, your organization may consider adding sponsorship to generate additional revenue, and when you do, Curated can handle that too. With Curated, you can publish a sponsorship page detailing what you can offer sponsors and manage sponsor inquiries through the Curated scheduling system, which includes a live publishing calendar.

Great for: Organizations that want to make revenue-generating newsletter campaigns a priority.

Before deciding to monetize your email newsletter, you’ll want to have a great system in place that offers quality content to your audience. One way to do this is through the AI email marketing software provides. Whether selling advertising space, newsletter subscriptions, or both, can help associations and organizations run their monetization process smoothly and keep it running smoothly every day.

Great for: Organizations that see a benefit to earning revenue through newsletter advertising and subscriptions.

Curated vs. The Bottom Line

Both Curated and are newsletter email platforms that rely on content curation as an essential part of developing and executing email newsletter campaigns that engage and inform audiences. Users of both software tools say that the ease with which both platforms can be used to create relevant content libraries is a major factor in the success of their newsletter campaigns.


Organizations using Curated to create their email newsletters enjoy the ease at which they can build their content libraries using the Curated Chrome extension tool or email discovered content directly into their library. It is the perfect marketing tool for anyone that constantly searches the web for content to add to their regular email newsletter.

Users who have teamed up with to provide their membership with personalized newsletters also hail its content curation feature as a major selling point. For users, however, it is the ability to initially choose relevant content sources and then let the AI algorithm take care of the rest that sets the software apart from its competitors.

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