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Here at, we talk a lot about newsletters because newsletters are what we do. In fact, we have extensive experience in helping small businesses, large organizations, marketing agencies, and associations achieve their marketing efforts through personalized email newsletters that enhance user experience.

We also recognize that we’re not the only game in town and when it comes to finding the right newsletter tool to engage your audience, you have a lot of choices.

Although we’d love to spend all of our time discussing the benefits of, this post will discuss Multiview, a alternative whose mission is to connect brands to their audiences using email marketing.

Why would we want to tout the competition?

The answer is simple. At, we care about you, your organization, and the customers you serve. That’s why we want you to make the best decision regarding which email newsletter tool you ultimately decide to use.

While both and the Multiview tool will help you and your organization deliver informative newsletters to your audience, there are fundamental differences between the two.

Let’s break them down so you can determine which one is right for you.

Short Summary


Multiview offers its customers a team of talented editors who write and curate relevant content targeted to your audience so that you won’t have to lift a finger. With Multiview, you have full editorial control, allowing you to select the topics to include in your newsletter and approve all content before a newsletter is sent.

Great for: Senders who want a dedicated team to manage their email newsletters.

The newsletter platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a truly personalized newsletter that is unique to everyone in your contact list. With, you are in full control, choosing the online sources to use for your newsletter and industry. Our customers also make design and frequency decisions. At the same time, AI dictates the unique set of articles, based on the sender’s chosen and filtered sources, to be delivered to each audience member based on data that is automatically collected based on their unique interests and past behavior.

Great for: Senders who want to manage their own newsletters while streamlining the process and making them more personalized, using AI data for maximum engagement.

Revenue Generation Through Advertising


Through digital advertising management services, Multiview helps its customers earn money for their organizations. Multiview can help you leverage your organization’s website, digital communications, and more. Multiview’s revenue-generating advertising services will help you earn additional income to help fund your association’s programs and staff.

Great for: Organizations who want a dedicated staff to manage their revenue-generating advertising campaigns.

One of the challenges of newsletter advertising is striking the right balance. With, organizations can subtly monetize their newsletters without overwhelming their audience with a barrage of advertisements. The best way to do this is by selling newsletter ad space. Advertisements can be delivered as images, text, or HTML-based content. You choose your vendors, ad frequency, pricing, location of the ad, etc. Users can handle all the arrangements with advertisers outside of the platform. All advertisement implementation is handled inside the platform, and the space can be used for any campaign promotion, whether internal or external.

Great for: Associations and organizations that want to earn non-dues revenue through newsletter advertising as a secondary benefit of a newsletter campaign and want to be in complete control of newsletter monetization.

The Content Process


Multiview provides its customers with a dedicated staff that writes and curates newsletter content targeted to the customer’s industry and audience. The Multiview team works directly with your organization to provide relevant content to engage and inform your target audience. Content is never sent without your final approval.

Great for: Companies who want a point-person that it works with to create regular newsletter campaigns with their input.

Senders who use select the sources that publish articles relevant to their newsletter, industry, or business. Based on this information, articles are collected for you to review before the next send. With, senders can use filters to include/exclude articles automatically, or they can manually include/exclude articles. This process helps to ensure that your newsletter is always on message. The boosting feature allows senders to choose an article that should appear in every newsletter, overriding personalization rules.

Great for: Organizations that want a streamlined newsletter creation process but want to remain in control of their newsletter campaigns.  

Multiview vs. The Bottom Line

Both Multiview and are email marketing platforms built for and utilized by organizations and associations.

They are both leaders in providing organizations and associations the tools necessary to provide engaging email newsletters to their members.


Those who choose Multiview as their newsletter marketing campaign provider enjoy the one-on-one attention they get from their point-person at Multiview. In many ways, using Multiview is like hiring a digital marketing firm to handle email marketing and digital advertising for your association and organization. Boasting more than 1,200 association partnerships, Multiview bills itself as the US’s largest digital publisher for associations.

Organizations that choose to create their email newsletters often do so because of its advanced AI features which bring personalization to the next level, the ease of use, and the hands-on control they have over their newsletter content and advertisements.

Personalization: Newsletters delivered by are personalized on the granular level using an AI data-driven algorithm, so your audience members will always receive engaging content that is interesting and relevant to them. That sets apart from its competitors. The personalization that can provide helps organizations maintain their existing membership and helps grow membership with every newsletter sent.

Ease of use:

The best part is that is simple to use. Both beginners and experienced customers can utilize’s various features.’s UI allows you to customize the frequency of your newsletters easily. Simply choose the schedule that works best for you and your customer base, then let rasa do the work for you.

Hands-on control: also gives you hands-on control of your newsletters. You are able to customize a schedule that works best for you. Once rasa begins collecting data, you can start using the metrics and statistics available in the dashboard to optimize your next newsletter. Plus, allows you to easily integrate with your other tools such as Shopify, WordPress, or Salesforce.

Learn how you can build relationships and increase engagement with your audience through curated content.

Get more from your email list.

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