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No matter what type of organization you represent, email newsletters can help you stay connected to your members. At, we recognize that newsletters play an essential role in keeping audiences engaged because we’ve helped countless clients do just that by providing them with the tools they need to produce hyper-personalized email newsletters with AI-driven content.

As you might imagine, there are many newsletter tools on the market today, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. We, of course, believe that our email newsletter tool is the best, but we also think that you should shop around before committing to our software and find the right one to suit your particular needs.

This article will focus on the Smore newsletter web-based newsletter creation tool designed specifically for educators and school communication professionals to engage with the school community. We’ll compare and contrast the features of the Smore newsletter tool with the email newsletter tool offered by

Short Summary

Smore Newsletter

Smore offers a web-based newsletter creation tool with aesthetically appealing templates for multi-media newsletters, presentations, training documents, and more. Smore newsletter software was designed specifically for educators and school systems with features encouraging classroom communication, schoolwide engagement, and professional development. From email newsletters and printable fliers to weekly assignment sheets and long-term lesson plans, Smore offers everything a school community needs to keep parents, teachers, and students engaged.

Great for: Busy educators who need help connecting with parents, students, and faculty, inside the classroom and out.

Anyone using the platform to build and deliver newsletters has access to the incredible power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create newsletters that are uniquely personalized to each individual subscriber. Based on your chosen and filtered sources,’s AI technology dictates a unique set of articles delivered to each subscriber based on their interests and past behaviors. With, you are in complete control. You choose which online sources are used and make all design and distribution decisions.

Great for: Nonprofits and similar organizations that use email newsletters to connect with their members and want to streamline the process while making their newsletters more personalized for increased engagement.

Key Features

Smore Newsletter Features

The Smore newsletter tool helps educators create beautiful, engaging school newsletters, updates, and announcements in minutes. With its easy-to-use interface and suite of fun features, Smore digital newsletter software delivers incredible results.

Some of Smore’s most desirable features include:

  • School-themed templates and backgrounds: With Smore newsletter templates, users can choose from a library of great backgrounds to match their message. Smore allows users to use one of its many school-themed backgrounds or use their own images for the perfect design.
  • Photo and video embedding capabilities: Smore digital newsletter software allows users to embed images and videos into their newsletters. You ensure better engagement and increased school spirit when you include photos and videos in your Smore email messages to students, parents, and the entire school community.
  • Newsletter analytics and monitoring: Smore newsletter software comes with powerful analytics tools that allow users to monitor who is opening your Smore email messages and clicking on your Smore newsletters. Best of all, making sense of this information is a breeze with the easy-to-use Smore digital newsletter interface.
  • One-click translation: With Smore newsletter software, educators can communicate with families regardless of their home language with the click of a button. Features

  • Newsletter automation: Using’s AI automation tools and your own hand curation, you remain in control of your organization’s newsletter while significantly reducing your time and effort. Automation frees you and your team so that you can address more pressing matters.
  • Highly advanced newsletter personalization: What sets a newsletter apart from others is that each newsletter sent using the platform is customized to the individual subscribers, ensuring that your readers will love everything you send them. Even if you are already segmenting your emails, allows your organization or association to segment into a group of one.
  • Content Featuring: With, you can let AI technology do all the work or choose to feature select articles in your newsletter that you want everyone to read. Of course, most users do both! Remember, with, you are always in complete control.

The Takeaway: Smore newsletter vs.

Smore is the go-to software solution for educators that need to communicate quickly and effectively with the school community using interactive newsletters. Smore empowers users to connect with their school community, streamline school communications, and increase engagement.

With, on the other hand, organizations and associations have access to an all-in-one digital marketing newsletter tool that engages newsletter subscribers and enhances the user experience.


Smore is the perfect solution for educators to quickly and efficiently communicate with members of their school community, specifically parents, students, and colleagues. Smore is an easy-to-use, affordable tool designed to make the lives of busy educators easier.

The newsletter platform engages subscribers and enhances the user experience through curated, hyper-personalized newsletters. Newsletters delivered by are personalized on the granular level using AI data-driven algorithms to ensure that audience members always receive engaging content that is personal and relevant to them. Organizations that choose do so because its AI features bring personalization to the next level.

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