Newsletter Tool Comparison: Smartbrief vs

Us to newsletters: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”

Okay, maybe that wasn’t originally written by us (line from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning). But we do love newsletters and one of the things we love most is that there are a million different ways to create one and tons of great tools to produce them.

You already know that we are one of those excellent tools.

But we want you to understand how all the tools work so you can make the right decision for you and your newsletter.

In this post, we would like to introduce you to SmartBrief.

While both of our tools deliver informative newsletters, there are some fundamental features that set us apart.

Short Summary


The team at SmartBrief collects and writes industry news and information on the sender’s behalf via email newsletter. They also manage the ads and email list for each newsletter.

Great for: Senders who are looking for experts to run their email newsletter.

The sender chooses online sources that publish articles relevant to their newsletter and industry. They make all settings choices like design, frequency, etc. The AI dictates a unique set of articles – published by those sender-chosen and filtered sources – to be delivered to each individual based on their previous behavior in newsletters.

Great for: Senders who want to run their own newsletter with an AI influence for personalization.



Smartbrief sells ad revenue for the newsletters they send. They pick and choose each of the ads that are included in their newsletters. The sender gets a portion of the revenue generated by the ads in their newsletters.

With, the sender chooses the vendors, price, location, frequency of the ads, etc. that they would like to work with and everything is handled outside of the platform. The ad space can also be used internally for any type of campaign promotion, internal or external. Ad space can be images, text, and HTML-based.

Content Processes


The SmartBrief team finds relevant content to include in their customer’s newsletters. Their team members also summarize the latest in industry news and publish their own posts to be included. Not only do they share the articles in their email newsletters, but they also share them on their website and app. senders select sources that publish articles that are relevant to their newsletter, business, or industry. Articles are collected for review before the next send. Filters can be added to automatically include or exclude articles to keep the newsletter on message. Individual articles can be included or excluded manually. They can also be selected for Boosting, a designation that includes the article in every recipient’s newsletter.

Email List


SmartBrief manages your email list once you have imported it. You can add a newsletter sign-up form to your website. Once you end your partnership with them, they still have access to your list indefinitely.

In the platform, you own and manage your email list. You can manually upload an individual or add/remove using a CSV file. A sign-up page and embeddable form are provided for you to link to wherever you choose. When you close your account with, the email list is removed from the platform. No further emails will be sent to your list.

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