Higher Logic’s Smart Newsletter vs. rasa.io: A Comparison

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Email newsletters are an essential part of a successful overall digital marketing strategy. At rasa.io, we know this better than anyone else because newsletters are what we do. For years, we have helped countless businesses, associations, and organizations enhance the user experience through our AI-powered newsletter software.

Sure, we could tell you that rasa.io is the only email newsletter marketing tool available, but we won’t because we’re not in the business of misleading folks. 

While we think that our newsletter platform is the best, we’re a bit biased, and the truth is there are lots of other fish in the sea.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right email newsletter tool for improved audience engagement. While it may seem counterintuitive for us to talk about our competition, our priority is helping you and your audience, which is why we want to see you make the most informed decision when choosing an email newsletter platform.  

This article will take a closer look at Higher Logic’s smart newsletter feature and compare it to rasa.io so you can see how they stack up against one another and help you choose the right tool to deliver engaging and informative newsletters to your audience.

Short Summary

Higher Logic

Higher Logic offers a cloud-based customer engagement platform that uses a data-driven approach to provide organizations with a suite of engagement capabilities, including marketing automation and online communities, allowing them to track and manage interactions through every stage of the digital experience. Higher Logic’s newsletter tool is just one feature in its software suite.

Great for: Larger organizations and associations looking for an all-encompassing suite of software tools inclusive of a digital newsletter feature.


When you use the rasa.io platform to build and deliver your association newsletter, you harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a uniquely personalized newsletter for every subscriber. AI technology dictates a unique set of articles, based on your chosen and filtered sources, to deliver to each subscriber based on their interests and past behavior. With rasa.io, you choose which online sources to use, make all design decisions, and make all frequency decisions, ensuring that you are always in full control of your newsletter.

Great for: Organizations and associations that want to retain management of their digital newsletters but streamline the process and make them more personalized, using AI data for the highest engagement levels. Also great for organizations that want to integrate their newsletter tool with other marketing automation, community, and CRM tools of their choosing rather than opting for a prepackaged “all-in-one” option.

Revenue Generation Through Advertising

Higher Logic

Higher Logic encourages its users to grow their non-dues revenue by selling advertising space within the newsletters they create and deliver. When you use Higher Logic’s Really Simple Syndication (RSS) tool to curate content for your newsletters, you’ll have more time to focus on selling ads and provide subscribers with more targeted content, making your ad space more desirable to advertisers. It’s a win-win for anyone that wants to generate revenue through their association newsletter.

Great for: Organizations who want to spend more time bringing in non-dues revenue from their existing digital newsletter.


The key to successful non-dues revenue generation through newsletter advertising is finding the right balance between targeted, useful, engaging content and advertising. With rasa.io, you can subtly monetize your newsletter without overwhelming your subscribers with a barrage of unwanted advertisements. With rasa.io, you can deliver advertisements in various forms, including images, text, or HTML-based content. As always, you are in full control, choosing what vendors to sell advertising space to, the ad frequency, pricing, ad location, etc. Handle everything outside the platform and use the area for any campaign or promotion, whether it is internal or external.

Great for: Senders who want to be in full control of newsletter monetization and are looking for a secondary source of revenue for their organization.

The Content Process

Higher Logic

Higher Logic’s Smart Newsletter feature can mine and populate your newsletters using the Higher Logic Thrive Community and various web content sources. The Higher Logic Smart Newsletter differs from the software’s community digest emails unique to your single communities and can be configured to include external content. Each Thrive Community site has just one Smart Newsletter. This means that for each sub-group or community within the overarching Thrive Community, users will have to create or maintain separate newsletters. Thus, in your main Smart Newsletter, you’ll need to consider your entire audience and create a newsletter with “global appeal.”

Great for: Users who are already taking advantage of the tools offered by Higher Logic as part of their customer relations and digital marketing efforts.


When you use the rasa.io platform to create and deliver your organization’s newsletter, you select the sources used to publish the articles that are relevant to your industry. The rasa.io AI-powered technology collects articles for your review before sending out the next installment of your newsletter. With rasa.io, you can use filters to include or exclude articles automatically or pick and choose articles manually, helping to ensure that your newsletter is always on message. The rasa.io boosting feature allows senders to determine which articles appear in every newsletter, overriding personalization rules.

Great for: Senders that want to streamline their email newsletter process but want to keep full control of the campaign.  

The Takeaway: Higher Logic vs. rasa.io

Higher Logic and rasa.io offer digital marketing newsletter tools for organizations and associations and are leading software providers that engage users and enhance the customer experience.

Higher Logic

Higher Logic’s strength lies in its comprehensive suite of products, of which its Smart Newsletter feature is part. In fact, Higher Logic’s Smart Newsletter feature is only available to customers who use either the Higher Logic Thrive Community or the Higher Logic Thrive Platform.


The rasa.io newsletter platform focuses on one singular task; engaging subscribers and enhancing customer experience through curated, hyper-personalized newsletters. Newsletters delivered by rasa.io are personalized on the granular individual level using AI data-driven algorithms to ensure that audience members always receive engaging content that is personal and relevant to them. Organizations that choose rasa.io do so because its AI features bring personalization to the next level, which in turn results in higher email engagement.

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