[WEBINAR] No Longer a Pipe Dream

Increase Engagement, Reduce Churn, Increase Ad Revenue, and Save 20 Hours Per Month with Your Newsletter

You are sending your members lots of content, but have you ever stopped to think about whether you are sending them the right content?

Learn how your editors can work alongside powerful personalization-optimized AI in order to reduce churn, increase member lifetime value, increase ad revenue, and save 5-20 hours per month.


⇢ Engaging members in a world that is more remote now than ever before.
⇢ Leveraging new, and easy-to-implement, tech in order to retain members.
⇢ Curate relevant, outside content alongside your organization’s own articles, news, blogs in order to optimize readership.

Learn how you can build relationships and increase engagement with your audience through curated content.

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The Evolution of Email Newsletters: From Boring to Curated

The Evolution of Email Newsletters: From Boring to Curated

Introduction: The Birth of Email Newsletters Email newsletters have come a long way since their inception. In the early days, they were simple, plain-text messages sent out to a list of subscribers, often filled with dull, generic content. The birth of email...