Fight burnout, embrace flexibility | July 02, 2020

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We’re in the heart of out-of-office message season. It’s strange to say considering it’s been months since we were actually in “the office.” Indeed, office life as we knew it appears headed toward extinction. Now we’re adjusting our lives to fight burnout and embrace flexibility. There’s something to learn from how the Dutch do it.

Back to email. Out of office messages, specifically. What does your out-of-office message say about you? If it’s been awhile since you set one up, here are quick guides for Outlook and Gmail. Has your writing brain already raced ahead to vacation? Check out these templates and these tips for crafting a top-notch out-of-office message.

If you’re away, stop reading this and go enjoy! If it’s your turn to hold down the company fort, we send a thank you.

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 9 with Brennan Dunn Blog

In this episode we have Brennan Dunn, who will be describing some early lessons in email marketing. Brennan has been in the freelancing world for many years and currently makes his living by providing software and products to freelancers and consultants from his home office.

How to Build a Massive Newsletter List Easily, Using AI

Marketing AI Institute

For years now, marketers have heeded warnings of email’s popularity declining. It’s overhyped, overused, and people are tired of it—or so we’ve been told.
The truth? Email marketing works. Plain and simple. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42, according to the Data and Marketing Association.

Maximize Your Manpower: Write an Email Newsletter with a Small Team

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Email newsletters are in the spotlight right now… and for good reason. They’re the protagonists in the world of marketing and because of it—everybody is looking. Small teams to big teams are figuring out how to create a newsletter their customers would care about and how they’re going to manage to put it together each day, week, or month.

6 Actionable Email Marketing Tips to Engage Your Target Audience

Small Business Bonfire

Email marketing holds a place in the top 3 most effective channels for driving website visits, leads and sales. Wondering why is it so? With so many new communication channels doing the rounds of the Internet, why is this decade-old technology still relevant?

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Email Marketing Performance

Multi Channel Merchant

We know COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of the retail industry and increased online sales. We saw a 40% year-over-year rise in the number of unique digital shoppers in Q1, and year-over-year unique page views and order count reached 15% and 21% respectively in March before skyrocketing in April to 96% and 88% percent.

Overview: What is permission-based email marketing?

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Sending unsolicited emails can hurt your sender score. Your recipients will unsubscribe, tag your email as spam, or ignore your email messages. This is why permission-based email marketing is crucial. Not only does it prevent your IP or domain from getting blacklisted, but it also increases your open rates. 

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