Pushing Send The Podcast is Launching May 12th

We’re excited to announce our new podcast!

The rasa.io team is launching a brand new podcast called Pushing Send. We’ll dive deep into the stories behind some of the best emails and the people who send them. Each episode reveals not only their strategies—but the human side of how they connect and engage with people through the powerful medium of email.

The goal of Pushing Send is to help you discover what truly makes a great email, so you can create amazing ones yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketing professional, or anyone using email in order to grow a business…don’t miss these stories.

Pushing Send will be available on iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts – wherever you listen to podcasts.

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 4 with Lianna Patch

[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 4 with Lianna Patch

We don’t often associate copywriting with humor, but for today’s guest, Lianna Patch, this is a core tenet of her unique approach. As a sought-after conversion copywriter, Lianna blends humor with conversion optimization methods to write high-performing emails that...