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Pushing Send dives deep into the stories behind some of the best emails and the people who send them.

Each episode reveals not only their strategies—but the human side of how they connect and engage with people through the powerful medium of email.

The goal of Pushing Send is to help you discover what truly makes a great email, so you can create amazing ones yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketing professional, or anyone using email in order to grow a business…don’t miss these stories.

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 47 – Cody Sanchez

Cody Sanchez An investor and former journalist that publishes guides, playbooks, and who built multiple successful email newsletters reaching over 100,000 subscribers. This is Cody Sanchez's story about Pushing Send.Key Points From This Episode: Avoid the...

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Pushing Send the podcast by featuring Lisa Jones

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 46 – Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones The founder and CEO of EyeMail, a company whose technology allows brands to embed 60 seconds of video into their email marketing messages. This isn't just a link - it's actually in the email and you can play it right there. Lisa tells her personal story...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 45 – Jen Capstraw

Jen Capstraw How one email marketer came to co-found a special organization called Women of Email. This is Jen Capstraw's story about Pushing Send.Jen Capstraw is a strategist, speaker, writer and #emailgeek. She serves as President and Co-Founder of Women of...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 44 – Racheal Cook

Racheal Cook How a business coach for female entrepreneurs uses email to grow her community and revenue. This is Racheal Cook's story about Pushing Send.Racheal Cook is a business strategist who has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs design predictably...

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Pushing Send the podcast by featuring Tara McMullin

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 43 – Tara McMullin

Tara McMullin How a popular small business strategist mastered email marketing as a key part of her own business growth. This is Tara McMullin's story about Pushing Send.Tara McMullin is a small business strategist with over a decade of experience guiding small...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Jackie Bledsoe

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 42 – Jackie Bledsoe

Jackie Bledsoe How one author and speaker considers himself an email marketer above everything else. This is Jackie Bledsoe's story about Pushing Send.Jackie Bledsoe is an author, blogger, speaker and podcaster. His work has been featured in publications like The...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Amy Blaschka and

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 40 – Amy Blaschka

Amy Blaschka How one contributor to Forbes and a social media ghost writer went about launching her own email newsletter despite a large following on networks like LinkedIn. This is Amy Blaschka's story about Pushing Send.Amy Blaschka has made a career offering...

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Pushing Send the podcast by with John Vuong

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 39 – John Vuong

John Vuong How one local SEO agency owner thinks about email and how he developed his perspective on email strategy. This is John Vuong's story about Pushing Send.John Vuong is a seasoned sales professional and Internet marketer with an exceptional track record...

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Pushing Send the podcast with and Lauren Meyer

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 38 – Lauren Meyer

Lauren Meyer How one of the foremost experts on email deliverability breaks down this complex topic so we can understand and then take action on it. This is Lauren Meyer's story about Pushing Send.Lauren Meyer is one of the foremost experts on email marketing and...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Ryan Jenkins

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 37 – Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins How one generational expert used email to grow his business. Plus what he's learned about generation Z and email. This is Ryan Jenkins's story about Pushing Send.Ryan Jenkins is a professional speaker and generational expert. He has been a keynote...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Franz Sauerstein

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 36 – Franz Sauerstein

Franz Sauerstein How one e-commerce consultant from Germany experimented with email marketing, then used what he learned to help his clients scale their businesses. This is Franz Sauerstein's story about Pushing Send. Franz Sauerstein is a sought after email...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Kim Jimenez

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 35 – Kim Jimenez

Kim Jimenez How a digital marketing strategist and educator who works with online creators to build their businesses. This is Kim Jimenez's story about Pushing Send.Kim Jimenez is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur and educator that helps creators and small...

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Pushing Send the podcast with John Meese

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 34 – John Meese

John Meese How a serial entrepreneur, new author and the recent dean of got started with and uses email. This is John Meese's story about Pushing Send.John Meese is a traditionally trained economist turned serial entrepreneur. He is also a...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Tamsen Webster

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 33 – Tamsen Webster

Tamsen Webster How a messaging and presentation strategist infuses her weekly newsletter with the ideas she shares as a communication thought leader. This is Tamsen Webster's story about Pushing Send. Tamsen Webster is a keynote speaker and message strategist that...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Nicolas Vandenberghe

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 32 – Nicolas Vandenberghe

Nicolas Vandenberghe How the co-founder of a scheduling app used by top sales teams, thinks about email. This is Nicolas Vandenberghe's story about Pushing Send.Nicolas Vendenberghe started selling newspapers in the streets of Paris in high school and went on to...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Elizabeth McCravy

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 31 – Elizabeth McCravy

Elizabeth McCravy How one web designer thinks about and uses email to grow her business that does not include publishing a weekly newsletter. Here's Elizabeth McCravy's story about Pushing Send. Elizabeth McCravy is a Nashville-based graphic designer, marketing...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 30 – Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin How a financial therapist from Michigan used email to grow her business by going against the grain of typical advice. This is Lindsay Bryan-Podvin's story about Pushing Send. Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a therapist, author, podcast host and speaker...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Stefan von Imhof

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 29 – Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof How the head of product at launched a niche, email newsletter on the Substack platform and began monetizing it. This is Stefan Von Imhof's story about Pushing Send.Stefan lives and breathes digital asset analysis and valuations. He’s the...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Emily McGuire

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 28 – Emily McGuire

Emily McGuire How one marketing expert started with virtually zero knowledge about email and went on to generate over $80 million in campaign revenue for clients during her career. This is Emily McGuire's story about Pushing Send.Emily McGuire is the owner and...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Yaro Bagriy

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 27 – Yaro Bagriy

Yaro Bagriy How a newsletter creator with over 100k followers has built a community to help niche, email newsletter publishers through the struggles of both building and growing their newsletters. This is Yaro Bagriy's story about Pushing Send. Yaro Bagriy is a...

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Pushing Send the podcast with featuring Brendan Kane

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 26 – Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane How a growth strategist and author who gained 1 million social media followers in less than 30 days gets more out of email. This is Brendan Kane's story about Pushing Send. Brendan Kane is a growth strategist and author that gained 1 million social...

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Pushing Send the podcast with featuring David Meerman Scott

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 25 – David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott How the author of numerous best-selling marketing books thinks businesses should adopt some radical ideas about email marketing. He is sharing how he's incorporated these radical ideas into his own marketing efforts and will really inspire you...

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Pushing Send the podcast with - Verne Harnish

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 24 – Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish How a 19 year newsletter veteran has mastered the art of publishing an email newsletter to serve his company's growth and foster a high degree of influence with the audience of business leaders he's working to support. The beautiful thing is that his...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Sam Parr

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 23 – Sam Parr

Sam Parr How the the founder of one of the most successful email newsletter businesses got his start. He has big plans and an incredible vision for where he's taking his business. This is Sam Parr's story about Pushing Send.Sam is the founder & CEO of The...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Marcus Sheridan

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 21 – Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan How one internationally known content marketing expert, as well as a master salesman, thinks about using email and video for sales-based communication. This is Marcus Sheridan's story about Pushing Send.Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after...

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Dave Hieatt Pushing Send the podcast rasa

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 19 – David Hieatt

David Hieatt How the co-founder of an iconic global denim brand used an email newsletter to literally save his business and then went on to write a book about the subject. Here's David Hieatt's story about Pushing Send.David Hieatt is the Co-Founder of Hiut Denim...

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Liz Willits Pushing Send the podcast

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 18 – Liz Willits

Liz Willits How an email marketing expert, who's worked at AWeber, one of the earliest email automation platforms, reveals some of the ways we should be thinking about email deliverability and how testing, as well as copywriting, play a critical role in email...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 17 – David Newman

David Newman How a consultant and coach who's been using email for decades hit an inflection point and took his business from six figures to well beyond seven figures. He describes some incredible examples of how he's done this. This David Newman's story about...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 16 – Val Geisler

Val Geisler How a well-known copywriter and email geek, who is on a mission to help marketers honor the human experience through email messaging. This is Val Geisler's story about Pushing Send.Val Geisler is an email marketing conversion copywriter and strategist...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 15 – Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel How the founder of several email-based software tools like Mailshake, Right Inbox and Voila Norbert leverages email to successfully build multiple businesses and how to best avoid promotional offer fatigue with your email list. This is Sujan Patel's...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 14 – Mary Ellen Slayter

Mary Ellen Slayter How the CEO of a B2B content marketing agency built an expertise in email newsletters early in her career. She shares how she writes her email newsletters and what she thinks of email engagement. This is Mary Ellen Slayter's story about Pushing...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 12 with Ryan Farrell

Ryan Farrell Sending out mass emails feels impersonal more often than not, yet doing them manually is not viable either. What is the solution to combatting the inherently cold nature of the marketing funnel? According to today’s guest, Ryan Farrell, it’s through...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 11 with Sachit Gupta

Sachit Gupta Email has been around for a while and by many predictions will still be a crucial business tool for a long time to come. It has got such a small learning curve; it’s easy to use, it’s intuitive, and it can be personalized for each specific audience. On...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 10 with Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin In this episode of Pushing Send, we welcome Grant Baldwin, a public speaker, author, entrepreneur, and the host of The Speaker Lab podcast — a platform where he helps other speakers to start, build, and grow their business. Grant is truly an example...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 9 with Brennan Dunn

Brennan Dunn In this episode we have Brennan Dunn, who will be describing some early lessons in email marketing. Brennan has been in the freelancing world for many years and currently makes his living by providing software and products to freelancers and...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 8 with Bill Macaitis

Bill Macaitis In this episode, we welcome Bill Macaitis, a marketer who is committed to taking a customer-centric approach in everything that he does. Bill has led marketing at Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce and he talks about how he has used email to authentically...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 7 with John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas Ever wonder how you can use your email newsletter to move audience members from passive listening to deeper engagement? Today’s guest, a prolific business podcaster, John Lee Dumas, shares his earliest experience sending an email newsletter and how...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 6 with Joanne Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe On today’s show, listeners will hear how a renowned copywriter teaches others to sell and promote with email. For Joanna, email is the direct path to revenue for every business, especially because it is a much cheaper and less time-consuming way of...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 5 with Dan Oshinsky

Dan Oshinsky With nearly the entire world at home, it’s an interesting time to be working in email newsletters. Email opens and engagement is as high as it’s ever been, but what is the place of these newsletters currently? Dan Oshinsky, email newsletter consultant,...

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Lianna Patch on Pushing Send with

[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 4 with Lianna Patch

Lianna Patch We don’t often associate copywriting with humor, but for today’s guest, Lianna Patch, this is a core tenet of her unique approach. As a sought-after conversion copywriter, Lianna blends humor with conversion optimization methods to write...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 3 with Josh Spector

John Spector How one guy is teaching others to create and grow amazing email newsletters. His motivation? He's obsessed with the power of an email newsletter. Josh Spector is a digital marketing consultant and writer who’s obsessed with email newsletters and...

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Pushing Send the podcast with Jay Acunzo

[Podcast] Pushing Send Episode 2 with Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo How a content marketer turned podcast producer took a very unique approach to engaging his email list. His trick? He doesn't focus on grabbing audience attention like most marketers. He works to earn attention instead. This is Jay Acunzo's story about...

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pushing send episode 1

[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 1 with Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster How a struggling consultant started an email newsletter, then eventually became a leading Shopify expert and podcaster. How'd he do it? He took the advice of Shopify's CEO Harley Finkelstein. This is Kurt Elster's story about pushing send. Kurt Elster...

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Trailer with Jared & Emily

We’re days away from putting the final touches on Season 1 of our new podcast Pushing Send, and we thought we might give our listeners a sneak peek into the show, which is all about people who create amazing emails. The series highlights their strategies and how...

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Pushing Send The Podcast is Launching May 12th

We're excited to announce our new podcast! The team is launching a brand new podcast called Pushing Send. We'll dive deep into the stories behind some of the best emails and the people who send them. Each episode reveals not only their strategies—but the...

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