What’s in a Name? That Which We Call a Rasa…

Not enough people ask about the meaning behind our name, rasa.io, but it actually has some pretty interesting origins. 

You may have heard the term before; maybe you learned about tabula rasathe philosophical concept of a clean slate–in grade school history classes. 

Or perhaps you’re familiar with the term itself – rasa. Like most terms of Sanskrit origin, “rasa” means different things depending on where you hear it. 

In Hindu culture, rasa refers to the essence or taste of music and art. It’s also often associated with aesthetic flavor. More specifically, rasa translates to “sap”, “essence”, or “fluid”, according to Yogapedia

In the spiritual tradition, it refers to the essence and emotions that make up human life. More broadly, one can think of rasa as the human soul. 

For our purposes, rasa perfectly encapsulates what we do. 

Our mission at rasa.io is to add the essential flavor element to artificially intelligent email marketing. Without depth, your emails would be nothing more than a computer-generated collection of phrases, and nobody wants to read through that. 

One thing we love about rasa is how versatile it can be–kind of like our email content–so we decided to look at some of the other Rasa businesses out there in the world and see what kind of things they’re doing to bring more essence and taste to the world. Take a look at a list of Rasa businesses and see how they got their namesakes.

Name: Rasa Grill

Type of Business: Restaurant

Rasa Grill is a small, family-owned chain of Indian food restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area. Rahul and Sahil opened their first restaurant with the intention to make Indian food more fun and accessible while staying true to their Indian heritage. The name emphasizes the flavors and tastes of the complex cuisine, and it’s also a fun combination of their names–RAhul and SAhil. Clever, right?

Name: Rasa

Type of Business: AI Developer

Rasa really is the perfect name for AI, isn’t it? This company provides open source conversational AI to web developers and businesses building text and voice assistants – talk about an awesome chatbot. Part of what makes their name so perfect is the level of customization and flexibility that’s available with their tools, making each and every final product feel as human as possible.

Name: The Rasa Coffee Alternative

Type of Business: Coffee and Tea

This rendition of rasa is a perfectly formulated coffee alternative that promises the same amazing flavors and energizing properties but without the negative side effects. Rasa was created as a healthier alternative filled with herbs and adaptogens. 

Name: Rasa Spa

Type of Business: Spa

Rasa Spa is another great rendition of the Sanskrit term. It offers a list of services including meditation and yoga, massage and bodywork, and facials and skincare. Their mission is to provide healing services to promote both inner and outer well-being, which seems to be a perfect embodiment of the essence of rasa.

Name: Rasa: Eat Well | Live Well

Type of Business: Nutritional Coaching

Holistic nutrition is another great use of the word rasa. This business was founded by a certified holistic nutritionist who creates tailored meal programs for her clients based on their needs and goals. Their one-on-one coaching is centered on the idea that the foods we eat have a profound impact on our lives, including mood, goal-setting, energy levels, and so much more. 

Name: Rasa.ag

Type of Business: Regenerative Agriculture

Rasa.ag is committed to speeding up the process of regenerative agriculture. In doing so, they’re playing a huge role in changing the world and the way we grow our foods. By focusing on the foods we eat and our accessibility to them, rasa.ag is changing the rasa of humankind. 

Name: Rasa Oakland

Type of Business: Apartment Property

Rasa Oakland is a development in Oakland, CA that’s focused on aesthetic, modern living. It’s quite different from the rasa we see elsewhere, but still adopts the same general idea–that is, the places we live affect who we are and therefore, our rasa

Name: Rasa Floors

Type of Business: Flooring Advisors

Rasa Floors makes replacement flooring for multi-family housing units in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. They’ve got an average review score of 4.4 stars on Facebook – talk about a great client experience!

Name: Rasa NYC

Type of Business: Restaurant

Rasa NYC is a Malaysian food restaurant in New York City – the menu looks incredible. It’s a family business owned by two brothers who grew up in Rasa, Malaysia! The term itself is thought to be Malaysian in origin, which makes the namesake of this restaurant especially cool. 

Whether or not you’ve done your rasa research or already knew the tabula rasa definition, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen it somewhere in the world before. We’re happy to work alongside so many others who have recognized the power of the rasa name! 

If you’re interested in rasa machine learning and the power of AI in email marketing, sign up for a demo with one of our rasa team members today!

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