3 Awesome Templates for Webinar Email Follow-Up [EXAMPLES]


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Hosting a webinar or other virtual event is an excellent way to connect with your audience by giving a prospect valuable insight into your offering.

Besides, the steps you take before a webinar, such as a reminder email for your upcoming webinar or a confirmation email, the steps you take immediately following the webinar experience will ultimately determine your overall success.

The recipe for that success lies squarely in your webinar email follow-up.

Why should you follow up after your webinar?

If the purpose of your webinar is to make customers out of your webinar registrants, the most effective way to make that happen is to create a strong follow-up strategy, starting with an excellent webinar follow-up email that will convert them.

This article reviews three webinar email follow-up templates plus email subject line best practices.

You can use these email templates in your organization to turn webinar viewers into paid customers.

Choosing the Right Email Subject Line

Your targeted audience members are likely inundated with unwanted emails daily.

Choosing the appropriate email subject line for your webinar follow-up can help your organization stand apart from others in your attendee’s inbox.

The email subject line should be personalized and direct to catch their eye, avoiding the appearance of a typical auto-generated email.

Here are some practical examples:

[Name], thanks so much for attending our webinar, check out these additional resources
[Name], here’s your very own copy of our webinar recording
[Name], what did you think about our webinar?

When you use this kind of language, your attendees will recognize that a real person is messaging them and encouraging them to take action by opening the follow-up email. It will also help keep the message from landing in their spam folder.

Actionable Tips To Make Your Webinar Follow-Up Email Engaging

Looking for some actionable tips to customize your webinar follow-up email and increase engagement? 

  • Webinar promotions do not have to be only before an event. After your webinar, you can also thank them for attending your event on social media.
  • People do not always remember everything you covered, so go over the webinar topic so your prospects are reminded of the value that was given to them from your event.
  • To make your post-webinar email more personalized, be sure to include the webinar host(s) as the email’s sender. In that way, it feels like it is a personal webinar reminder.
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Speaking to Your Webinar Attendees

After you decide on a subject line, you’ll need to choose the wording for the email body.

An webinar attendee should receive a follow-up while the event’s content remains fresh and relevant in their mind.

In other words, you need to strike while the iron is still hot!

Your webinar follow-up emails should always include links to webinar content, such as clips and recordings for webinar replay, bonus resources, and recap materials.

The trick is to include this excellent webinar content while keeping the email short and on point.

If your webinar audience sees nothing but paragraph after paragraph of text in the follow-up email, expect it to end up in their trash.

Just as you did with your email subject line, be sure to use a friendly and direct voice. Thank the audience member for their webinar attendance, supply them with any resources they expect, and ask them to respond.

You can ask them for feedback, let them know your availability to respond to any questions they may have, or give them the option to set a time for a meeting with you. The thought here is to create a call to action that will get them engaging with you and your brand.

Try to include one of the following three email templates in your webinar email sequence after your next event to help boost your organization’s success rate:

Webinar Follow-Up Email Template #1

Hello [NAME],
Thanks so much for attending yesterday’s [WEBINAR TITLE] – we sincerely hope you found the webinar helpful and that you were able to learn something new!
Would you happen to have 10 minutes on Thursday for a brief phone call? I would love for us to connect and discuss ways to implement some of the ideas outlined in the webinar.
P.S. Should you be interested in watching a webinar replay, you can find it here: [LINK]
Talk to you soon!

Webinar Follow-Up Email Template #2

Hello [NAME],
I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s webinar.
I would love to chat with you about putting what was discussed in the [WEBINAR TOPIC] into action for you. Would a quick phone call sometime next week work for you?
Also, if you’re interested in re-watching the webinar or sharing it with friends, use this link: [LINK]
I look forward to connecting soon!

Webinar Follow-Up Email Template #3

Hi [NAME],
I want to thank you so much for your attendance at the recent webinar on [WEBINAR DATE]!
Enclosed are those follow-up materials that we promised to send.
Here is a link to the webinar recording [LINK] and all bonus resources [LINK].
Should you have questions or if you’d like to dive more deeply into some of the topics covered in the webinar, hit reply, and let me know a good time for a one-on-one meeting later this week.
 Thank you again, and I hope to see you very soon!

Using These Webinar Follow-Up Email Templates to Increase ROI

Having a good email follow-up strategy in place can result in a significant impact on your webinar ROI. We hope that these ideas and templates are a good start to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

You can make the process even easier by adding automation as part of the follow-up process. Just don’t lose sight of the basics, like keeping things direct and adding value with webinar replays and bonus materials.

When you have a solid webinar follow-up strategy, you’ll easily boost registration and attendance rates, but, more importantly, it should help drive webinar conversions following the event.

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