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Save time creating newsletters

If you are in the media and publishing industry, you probably already have a newsletter, but with the AI newsletter tool, you can increase open and click rates by personalizing the content you send to each and every subscriber.

With you can also construct your newsletter in a matter of minutes – or entirely automate the process – resulting in more newsletter sends and more ad real estate to sell.

Deliver a custom-curated newsletter to every individual on your email list, directly to your readers’ inboxes, and save countless hours while doing it.

Sabyasachi Mitra
“With a weekly unique open rate of 47% and a weekly click through rate of close to 10%, we are able to easily attract advertisers, as well as drive traffic to our website by featuring our own content amongst daily, national, and local business news.”
– Todd Matherne
CEO of Renaissance Publishing, Head of Biz New Orleans

Newsletters curate stories that your subscribers may have missed!

It is nearly impossible for readers to keep up with all your content, relevant (or not).

Luckily with an email list, you own it and that will never change.  And now you can start sending your customers an email newsletter completely tailored to them.

Help your readers parse through the vast sea of content and automatically send curated articles that your subscriber may have missed and more. 


"We started with about 2 years ago and since then have been able to start an entirely new revenue stream."

– G2 Reviewer


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Provide real value to your readers with your brand

Staying relevant to your readers can be difficult as everyone on your email list is an individual and should be treated like one.

We understand keeping your readers connected to your brand is important. But how?

Newsletters are a great way to continue to develop a long-term relationship with your readers.

Give real values straight to their inboxes, with our AI-powered newsletter – custom curated for every individual.


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New ways to gain ad revenue!

With, you can harness the power of your newsletters for internal and external advertising.

The ability to provide you a space with full control over all of your newsletter’s ad space seamlessly blending sponsored content organically alongside your content.

Partnering with, enhanced ASIS International’s relationships with its existing and potential sponsors and advertisers. Giving advertisers the confidence they exactly needed.


"Massively above industry average click throughs for a newsletter that almost creates itself!"

– Heather S.

Drive traffic directly to your site

Increase engagement and simultaneously drive more traffic by leveraging’s deep learning engine to deliver a newsletter personalized for each individual.

Using, did not just significantly increase Biz New Orlean’s engagement but also provided another means of driving traffic to their website.

Featuring their content amongst other informative and relevant articles resulted in Biz New Orleans content being the top 3 clicked-on source amongst the 68 news outlets included in the newsletter.

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