The discomfort of change | June 11, 2020

Hi everyone,

Change–the real, world-altering kind–is uncomfortable. To those fighting for justice and change in our country: Keep going.

Last week, we dedicated what modest influence we have with this newsletter to sharing anti-racism resources. We recognize that this is lifelong work. Check out this Instagram post if you’re still unsure of where to start.

We’ve found email newsletters to be an excellent resource as we continue to listen, learn/unlearn and take action. Here are a few stand-outs.

  • 5 Ally Actions, a weekly newsletter with 5 actions to create a more inclusive work place.
  • Colorlines, a thought-provoking newsletter from Race Forward.
  • Story Matters, different perspectives presented in a beautifully designed newsletter.

More on email: Great writing requires discomfort. “Great, readable copy doesn’t happen on the first take. The first take is supposed to be ugly.” Email’s role in activism and a tool that lets you email elected officials in one click. Facebook is testing email marketing tools.

For a smile, a Twitter account that chronicles bookcase credibility.

Until next week!

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