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From Your Email List

Stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis in a relevant way that isn’t salesy.

Easily manage multiple newsletters for your clients in the same platform

Save 5 - 10 hours every week with automation

Build stronger relationships with customers by personalizing to the individual

Become a trusted, valuable, and authoritative resource to your target audience

Sync contacts and data across your clients numerous CRMs and tools with our 20+ integrations

Increase email list engagement with higher opens and click rates

Additional revenue stream for agencies

Some of the Marketers we work with!

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Manage multiple newsletters for clients

We’ve managed to build an intuitive and easy to use solution for marketing agencies who manage multiple email newsletters accounts for their clients.

We’ve built a comprehensive library of sources so that you can easily pull in content for each client without leaving the platform. You can set roles and permissions for additional users and seamlessly transition between accounts within our platform. Our data analytics will help you give your clients data-backed recommendations for their marketing strategies.

We’ve made it easy for you to help your clients send out highly relevant content to their customers.


"I found creating and sending email newsletters to be a time consuming process. With, the team only spends less than an hour per month pulling the newsletters together for all of our clients."

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Marketers have long known the importance of personalizing the consumer’s experience. You’ve used demographics and surveys to group your customers and serve them slightly altered versions of the same experience. But only recently, have we been able to truly begin personalizing for the individual.

We provide you with the ability to deliver a custom-curated newsletter to every individual on your email list. Everyone knows the more personalized you get, the better your results will be.

Treat your email list as individuals and not groups and watch your metrics rise.



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Web and API Hooks integrations - zapier and rasa Connect


Link trackers and more!

“The idea of being able to connect with the people who matter most to us in a valuable and ongoing way was irresistible.” - Tarik S. is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Americas Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2

Provide real value for your customers

Everyone on your email list is an individual and should be treated like one.

Many marketers send their whole list the same thing. And a lot of those emails are an ask and not a give. Recipients skim the copy to find the parts that are relevant to them (which are few and far between). 

We give marketers a way to provide a real benefit regularly to their customers. And not just regularly, but relevantly.


I have been using the Smart Newsletter platform for nearly a year and have been absolutely blown away by the results. I did a little research and it seems that the average open rate of an email newsletter is about 15 to 20% but the open rate on my newsletter has consistently been 55% or higher.

Improve efficiency through Content Relationship Automation

We all share one common yet scarce resource: time.

When you choose to automate, you are choosing to liberate your team members from redundancy and free them up to build real connections.

Automation generates results because you can engage with a new level of frequency without having to spend more time, effort or money.