No Longer Intangible AI: Ways in Which Machine Learning Impacts Your Daily Life

Artificial Intelligence is working for you on a daily basis, in ways you might not even realize. Computer scientists have been developing machine learning technology for decades, but we are finally at a turning point with the development of AI: recent breakthroughs with regard to machines understanding human language, behavior, vision, and speech intonation have leveraged artificial intelligence to the next level and woven it into the fabric of our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence is at your service

Sophisticated advances in machine learning around the most complex patterns of human behavior support AI assistant tools in meeting your needs. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google are not programmed to respond to your requests by delivering one specific output based upon one specific input, rather, these virtual assistants evolve their responses to your inputs over time, as they learn more about your wants, your behaviors, and the aggregate complexities of human communication. The more you draw upon these services, the more they learn about how to serve.

Machine learning helps deliver engaging information

You might spend several hours every week ridding your inbox of emails containing irrelevant information. Sophisticated developments in artificial intelligence help reduce the time it takes to organize your inbox and ensure only the most relevant information gets to you. Google employs tools to smart-categorize your inbox and send completely meaningless content to your junk folder. Taking it even further, when it comes to the specific content in your emails, Artificial Intelligence can be used to populate the content within your messages, to ensure that you are only receiving information that is specifically curated for your consumption

AI informs your commute

The data that Google maps and other navigational tools synthesize to inform your commute is a form of machine learning. These tools pull in anonymized data from smartphones in any given area – regarding traffic flow and speed, construction sites, and traffic accidents – and then direct you along the most efficient path toward your destination.

Intelligent programs deliver information about your customers or members

We have evolved past the point in which only mammoth retailers like Amazon can harness the power of AI to understand those whom they serve. Instead, the technology is attainable and can help many different kinds of organizations learn about their members, customers, or constituents, in order to engage them and drive revenue. As organizations learn about how their people want to shop, read, or learn, they can specifically tailor their content to match those individual needs.

AI is already at work for you

Although the prospect of machine learning affecting our day to day might seem daunting and intangible, in fact, it is more than likely already at work for you. Don’t think of the technology as something scary or intimidating; instead, think about how it is already doing its job, making you more productive, helping you run your organization more effectively, and smoothing your daily interactions.

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