How to Use AI to Optimize Your Email Marketing Content Strategy

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the capabilities of tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, it’s safe to say that AI has permeated almost every industry in the world. This development has its upsides but has some potential drawbacks depending on the industry and niche. Still, there are ways to use AI to empower your teams and their work, but you have to do it right.

Companies have a golden opportunity to optimize various processes across teams and workflows, while specialized professionals have the opportunity to deliver better results. AI is already revolutionizing email marketing, and that’s what we’re exploring today.

Here’s your guide on using artificial intelligence to optimize your email strategy, focusing on quality content, data, and personalization. Let’s dive in!

Use AI ideation for your email design

Currently, generative AI is in a perfect place for anybody to utilize. The most popular tools, like Midjourney and ChatGPT, can produce unique visual and written content, but you must know how to use them correctly.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, let’s talk about the one feature of AI that works with minimal input—concept ideation. If there is anything that artificial intelligence is good at, it’s turning the prompts you give it into ideas for your projects.

This feature can be compelling for email design when you’re building new campaigns and want to create visuals to maximize the potential of every email you send. You can prompt visual or textual AI tools to develop style guides and, more importantly, visual hierarchies for different email types to maximize UX (User Experience) and engagement.

This method shaves hours off of ideation work, allowing your designer to get straight to work creating design elements and putting the campaign together with the content team.

Spruce up your copy with generative AI

Speaking of content, email copy is the element that determines how the recipient interacts with your email and if they’ll follow the path you’ve laid out. Just like you need to have a hierarchy with your visuals and an outline for all the design elements, you need to have a structure to your text.

Assuming you have created this hierarchy and are ready to write, you can use generative AI to write up the text. This is where’s generative AI comes into play as the best-in-class AI newsletter tool; now combines personalized AI-generated copywriting for your email newsletter that will inspire your subscribers to take action.

The tool leverages the power of the ChatGPT platform to generate compelling newsletter copy but takes it to the next level with features such as selecting the length of the text, choosing whether or not you want to use emojis, and even choosing your newsletter top-clicked topics. 

Needless to say, this method is a great way to assist you in your email newsletter copy, saving you time and a headache. dashboard - rasa email newsletter design

Leverage the power of the ChatGPT in’s newsletter tool!

Have your AI assistant generate copy at your fingertips, saving you time and effort.

Gather your email data quickly

Optimizing your email marketing, especially your email content, is about gathering the right information and then using it to create meaningful insights. In other words, you need to know what works and what doesn’t and find that out without wasting time and effort on failing campaigns.

First, you need to use the right email tracking tools for your needs that will pull the data that matters to you. This data typically includes email opens and email clicks, as well as how the recipients scan the emails or how many delete them without opening them.

Next, if you’re managing numerous email campaigns and types and sending them to a large number of inboxes, you might want to leverage AI-driven tools to put that data into context. The great thing about AI analytics platforms is the speed at which they can develop detailed reports.

AI-driven analytics is on the rise in every industry, so look for analytics platforms that leverage AI to generate insights for you. 

Let AI rethink your newsletter 

When it comes to creating a successful email newsletter, many moving parts can make or break your campaigns. These parts include the overall design of your newsletter, the copy and the way you structure it, and the elements you use to prompt your readers to take action.

While you should use any tried-and-true method that has worked for you in the past, it’s still critical to keep innovating and staying on top of the trends. That’s why it’s essential to rethink your email newsletter strategy with the help of AI to implement new design features and adjust your content.

Using your current layout and content density as a starting point, you can determine if your newsletter still resonates with the modern audience. You can then use the content and design features that AI provides to A/B test your newsletter and see what the audience responds to best.

This leads to our final point.

Use AI to generate email surveys

The bottom line is that you can only be successful at email marketing if you’re constantly keeping up with the needs of your current and potential subscribers. One of the best ways to gather the information you need to improve your emails, whether they’re newsletters or something else, is to implement surveys. 

Now, surveys can be tricky if you don’t implement them properly in an email format. The best way to conduct a survey in an email is to use concrete and concise questions and ratings to minimize the work a recipient must complete. The less work for the reader, the better.

Use an AI tool to develop survey questions you can quickly put in your emails that only require a small input from the reader. You can also link the questions to lead the reader to the entire survey, which you can also generate with an AI tool.

Over to you

Artificial intelligence will continue to play an increasingly pivotal role in digital marketing in the years to come. While it will also revolutionize other aspects of digital marketing, it’s essential to start immediately prioritizing AI in your email content strategy to maximize your email potential.

Be sure to use these tips to start improving your email content, both visual and textual. Get started today with!

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