The Ultimate List of The Best AI Email Newsletter Software

The team at spends a lot of time thinking (and talking) about newsletters because, let’s face it, newsletters are our thing!

Not to brag, but we are kind of a big deal when it comes to helping associations, organizations, and businesses achieve their marketing goals using AI email newsletters to better engage with their audiences and enhance user experiences.

However, we also recognize that we are not the only fish in the sea, and plenty of other AI email newsletter software solutions can help you and your organization get the job done. Ultimately, it will come down to which software solution is right for you.

This post will break down some of the best AI software for newsletters so that you and your team can make the most informed decision on which one will best serve your email marketing needs.


iPost is an omnichannel email marketing platform designed with franchises, restaurants, associations, agencies, media, publishers, and retail businesses in mind. iPost is an easy-to-use tool for managing and building email campaigns for organizations of any size. iPost lets publishers create responsive emails using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, perfect for users with little to no design experience. Unlike and many other email marketing campaign tools on this list, iPost does not use artificial intelligence or machine learning to boost its digital marketing capabilities and relies heavily on user involvement in the email marketing process.

At, our primary focus is to provide associations and organizations with intelligent email newsletters that engage, retain, and boost subscribers through hyper-personalized curated content. In fact, you won’t find another email newsletter platform that can deliver news and content on such a personalized level. Our AI uses machine learning technology to understand every one of your subscribers, their needs, and their interests to tailor newsletters unique to them. With, your subscribers won’t just look forward to your newsletters; they’ll be more likely to share them with others.

Plus, with innovative features such as our AI-powered subject line generator and our ChatGPT-powered AI writer, quality content and copy is now easier than ever!


Membernova is an association management software solution that uses artificial intelligence tools to offer email marketing and newsletter management for effective communication through smart targeting and personalization. Membernova’s email newsletter software uses professionally designed templates, intelligent segmentation, and automation to boost engagement and strengthen branding. The company touts its responsive design capability as one of its key features allowing messages to always appear professional regardless of the device on which it is read.

Dashboard of Membernova Newsletter feature


Futurescope uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate and distribute engaging newsletter content that helps businesses and organizations connect with their audience, grow their subscriber base, and increase revenue. Futurescope claims that its machine learning software and AI tools can generate daily newsletters boasting 50-70% daily open rates with less than five minutes of setup time and without users ever having to write a single piece of content. Organizations pick their topic or industry, and Futurescope’s AI engine instantly curates positive, engaging newsletter content. Futurescope allows users to customize their newsletter layout, create custom calls to action, and let Futurescope’s AI technology handle the rest.


Geyser is a turnkey AI newsletter application that promises to double an organization’s reach and revenue using a deep-learning AI model that makes the process simple and straightforward. Geyser’s AI technology reads your website and then compares its content to its database featuring millions of pieces of content to create a unique experience tailored to your target audience. In addition, users can monetize their newsletters by letting Geyser’s robots automatically add advertisements and affiliate links to their email newsletters. Even though Geyser offers a complete AI experience, users always maintain full control over their newsletters, from list building and content to monetization and everything in between.

The email marketing solution creates stunning newsletters in minutes by turning your latest content into weekly or monthly newsletters. Whether it’s new product launches, blog articles, special offers, or other website material, will track your best-performing content for the week or the month in real time. Then, with a bit of AI robotics magic, will select the best of the best to generate your newsletter. Of course, with, you remain in complete control of your newsletter, previewing and tweaking the content before it is sent out.


FeedOtter’s newsletter software uses the power of RSS to auto-populate content from your website and delivers your latest news and web content directly to your customers. With its easy-to-setup integration, FeedOtter is built to connect your Content Software and your Marketing Automation Platform. 

Need more manual control? FeedOtter bookmark feature quickly adds any web page saving the article information directly to your email newsletter. Typically, those who choose FeedOtter already use third-party solutions, such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for their email marketing and advertising efforts.

How does it compare to Click here to find out more. 

Choosing the Right AI Email Newsletter Software

Whatever type of business or organization you represent, whether you send daily newsletters, weekly newsletters, or newsletters on a less frequent basis, there are plenty of AI newsletter solutions to suit your individual digital marketing needs.

This list is just a tiny sample of the many AI tools currently available to help keep you engaged with your audience. With technology continuing to advance rapidly, we are sure that many more options will be available soon.

In the meantime, check out and see if it is the right fit for you and your organization.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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