Communication in a Crisis

What are you going to do?

How many times have you answered that question over the last week?

If you’re like me, the answer has changed daily (and sometimes multiple times per day).

But as the realities of this new world settle in, there is one thing that is certain – now is not the time to stop talking to your customers. And now, more than ever, you need to be doing it in a relevant way.

Your customers, no matter who they are, have been affected by this crisis. They have probably spent countless hours searching for the latest and most reliable information.

So, starting today – we’re giving you an unlimited-use newsletter for your entire subscriber list (any size) for COVID-19-related communications.

You can keep your audience informed of what is going on – the latest news of the Coronavirus, updates about new financial legislation for businesses, work-from-home tips, home based activities for kids, and more. We have a template ready with content sources set, and all you have to do is apply your branding and start sending to your list.

Click the button below to provide your customers with a COVID-19 newsletter.

 *This offers stands for as long as it’s necessary. No tricks or gimmicks. No limited functionality. No credit card required. We’re just trying to make it possible for you to easily keep communicating to the people that matter the most to you, whether that’s customers, employees or members.

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