How To Take Leads from Cold to Sold: Getting Started with Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Have you ever clicked on an email, and felt your attention immediately pulled to the pictures, and then to the headings, and finally to the body text? A good email campaign can generate tons of interest in your product, project, or company by employing some of the tips and practices that the experts at have been using for years.

Email marketing is a sales approach that combines the awesome power of modern communication with the old fashioned personal touch.

It empowers you to reach your audience – whether it numbers in the hundreds or the hundreds of thousands – with updates, info, and offers, all passionately personalized with your business’s message.

It is also about converting potential leads into first-time customers, and then building relationships to facilitate a growing pool of return customers. You want your leads to buy, sure, but you also need them to become loyal to the brand. Email marketing can be the springboard to finding your target demographic, and then converting them into a loyal brand army.

This comprehensive guide to email marketing explains how to find leads, write copy that grabs attention and keeps it, and then turn those leads into sales. Get more calls, more emails, and more leads by following just the few simple steps shown here.

How to Generate Leads

Where you find your leads can vary from platform to platform. Think first: Who is my target audience? You don’t want to waste time sending emails to people who aren’t the least bit interested in what you’re selling. If you already have a website, congratulations–you have a ready made pool to cull from.

Create a way to gain a potential buyer’s contact information. You can do this by offering a free gift in exchange for their email address. People who visit your site are generally people who are at least somewhat interested in your content. A free ebook, how-to guide, or an infographic are all great examples of value-adding resources that can be offered in exchange for email info

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Use social media by promoting an offer or running paid posts. Not only will you gain email leads, but you’ll boost social media engagement and gain followers. You may also consider cross promoting with brands that sell in your demographic. For instance, imagine that you sell an all natural soap. It may be advantageous, in that case, to partner with a popular organic foods cookbook writer on Instagram or Twitter to gain interest and followers.

Use email marketing tools. Email marketing tools allow you to set up an automated campaign that is personalized to your demographic, and reminds them about who you are and what you can offer. Help maintain your relationship by sharing news, fun content, and hot trends that relate to your product. Use design tools to personalize the aesthetic of your emails to match your website, for visual recognition. Email service providers like also offer built in analytics tools to see how well your emails are landing.

How to Convert Leads to Sales with Email Marketing

Although emailing isn’t exactly the newest thing on the block, it continues to be a huge player in converting leads to sales. Email has an enormous reach – 90% of adults and 75% of teenagers use it on a daily basis.

Emails give you a rare second chance to reach out to people who have visited your site, but who weren’t fully converted to a sale the first time.

Even if the lead did turn into a sale, it never hurts to have a loyal return customer – and email marketing is a great way to create them.

People who have surfed your site and left an email address are at least somewhat interested in what you’re offering, even if they weren’t ready to buy at just that time. By sending thoughtfully curated emails and newsletters to these people, you can encourage them to follow through on their initial instinct. Quality content along with tempting sales or offers can keep them engaged with your brand.

Insert a landing page link within your emails that will take your prospective customer to a page that’s related to the email – an online store, a product, a sign up page – anything that moves them down the line from cold to sold. The landing page is integral to conversion – a person sent to an unrelated page will almost always move on immediately. Your landing page needs to have compelling visuals, a clear call-to-action, and promotional content directly related to the contents of the email.

This one-two punch of emails and landing pages is the single most effective way to convert a lead into a sale.

By engaging these new methods for email marketing, you’re making the decision not only to survive in business – but to thrive with a loyal pool of consistent buyers.

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Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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