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Get more renewalsmembersengagement from your email list.

Stay in touch with your members on a regular basis in a relevant way that isn’t salesy.


Retain more memberships


Become a valuable resource


Save time with automation


Build stronger relationships


Provide real benefit


Increase engagement


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Wednesday, June 2, 2021 | 10:40 – 11:25 am EST

Elizabeth and Bobby with rasa.io

Jared Loftus, COO

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Elizabeth and Bobby with rasa.io

Elizabeth Crosby, Customer Success

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Elizabeth and Bobby with rasa.io

Molly Phayer, Customer Success

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Elizabeth and Bobby with rasa.io
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Give your audience more of what they want.


Grow engagement and strengthen relationships with members

Your members engage with your association in different ways. Many of them used to attend live events, now they might join online webinars, some are active on social media – but they all use email. Email will always be the most efficient and reliable way to keep in touch with your target audience.

Your association must be a regular and relevant presence in their lives.

Our platform engages your members through curated content and builds relationships automatically.


"The rasa.io platform has significantly enhanced the engagement of our members over the past several years...Open rates and click through rates not seen before at ASAE...Each member gets their own specialized content. Cool!"

– Reggie Henry

ASAE Chief Information and Engagement Officer


"I volunteer for an organization where we'd struggled to write relevant and timely newsletters that offered any real value. Leveraging rasa.io allows me to produce meaningful, aggregated content that my list is responding to and engaging with...The time needed to drop an email each week is minimal (which is really welcome by this volunteer!)"

– Jason S.

A reviewer on G2.com

Retain members and reduce churn in membership

Engagement can mean the difference between renewal and churn. Providing value can mean the difference between a referral or being forgotten.

When your members look back over a year of belonging to your association, what will they think they’ve gained?

We solve the problem of information overload. We can help you deliver relevant information to each of your individual recipients. 


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Provide tangible value and benefits for your members

A member of your association is not just a number or a name on a roster. They’re an individual and should be treated like one. 

Most associations send all of their content out to everyone on their list. It becomes a massive collection of information that no one could read in its entirety. The recipients skim to find only the parts that are relevant to them. 

We give associations a way to provide a real benefit regularly for their members. And not just regularly, but relevantly.


"Massively above industry average click thrus for a newsletter that almost creates itself! The AI generated newsletter is bespokely useful for the end user, and subscribers tell me they actually look forward to receiving it....It has become my business's number one marking tool. It has opened up additional revenue streams; I know what performs well and am able to consult back into the industry about content development, based on empirical evidence."

– Heather S.

A reviewer on G2.com


"Excellent, easy-to-use product. Great product and a great team supporting you. It's easy to review and manage content and subscribers and we have a consistently great statistics from our subscribers. We've used our newsletter as one of our lead generation tools and it outperforms all our other offers. We've continued to build our list and remain in front of our members and prospective members each week through our newsletter."

– Jennifer J.

A reviewer on G2.com

Improve efficiency through content relationship automation

We all share one common yet scarce resource: time.

When you choose to automate, you are choosing to liberate your team members from redundancy and free them up to build real connections.

Automation generates results because you can engage with a new level of frequency without having to spend more time, effort or money.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to a few of our happy users.

The Idea Village is a nonprofit that supports startups and the people that power them. They use their newsletter to keep their entrepreneurs educated and as an easy way to regularly keep in touch without the work of manually assembling a newsletter every week.


"It's an extremely simple newsletter to put out. It makes it easy on us to have that touchpoint with our audience."

– Hailey K.

The Idea Village

rasa.io is a leader in Email Marketing on G2
rasa.io is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2
rasa.io is a leader in Americas Email Marketing on G2
rasa.io is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2
rasa.io is a leader in Mid-Market Email Marketing on G2

Align helps manage the higher level strategic goals of organizations. The recipients of their newsletter are eager to receive high quality content. With rasa.io, they can provide it for them in a smart and easy way.


"It's unbelievably customized to my personal taste in terms of what I'm looking for."

– Doug W.


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